Amazon channel

Amazon channel

by Shopify

Sell on Amazon by listing your products and managing orders.

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GARBAGE! I don't know why this app. is being offered.

The Speedster Club

i was about to expand my shopify channels with amazon but after all the terrible reviews I read I decided not to go. That would be a frustrating and very expensive waste of time

Stuff Evolved

What a useless piece of shit. It has been months and they can't add features that are useful? It takes waaaaay too long to do anything. Adding variants should be automatic, but for each product that has 100 variants you have to manually input the price and choose the variant?!?!?! this amounts to hours of work!!!!

Total Sports Llc

Update 8/14/2018 - You can't remove any deleted or unwanted listings which makes search even longer since it doesn't remove or give you the option to remove them. This app is made for someone that doesn't already have stuff on Amazon so you can easily add your inventory to Amazon. It's not easy to search your items still as stated below because they have no search bar within the Amazon section of Shopify so if you have a lot of products, like we have almost 2000 it takes about a half an hour to page through all your stuff until you find the item you need to change, extremely frustrating.

This app is almost awful, it doesn't link ANYTHING, and then once you link an item it makes it a variant, you can't do a search you have to page through all of your products until you find the one you need to correct, and it doesn't show you what's truly active. If we have to correct a product or pricing we have to go straight to Amazon to do that because of the searching issue. The only thing that's good about this app is that it syncs with our inventory between our web store and all our marketplaces. Amazon app for Shopify definitely needs huge improvements to make life easier not harder.

Airdamour Com

it's not for everyone, this app for a small seller who sells less than 100SKU with big inventory from each SKU if you one of this seller then you can use it with no problem,

if you have more than 300 SKU with less than 25 unit in each SKU then you have a problem, it's not syncing quickly, takes time so if you sell in ebay also you need to be careful about that because you'll start canceling orders and in Amazon big issue,

it's not a bad app, but it's simple and not even for small or medium size businesses,

this app for someone who will never run out of his inventory even in seasons days

Mr Brush Tees More

less than 1 star -0000000!! A week of frustration and very disappointed.
This is a bad Channel. Your Shopify Products DO NOT sync easily to Amazon.
Need time and many requests from Amazon... after i got the page and pay money i had to cancel the account.

Asian Fanmale

very very useless.......more headache then it is worth.....just as bad as having Facebook as a partner.....

Smoky Mountain Fresh Roast Coffee

A week of utter frustration. This is NOT a Channel. Your Shopify Products DO NOT sync to Amazon! This is FRAUDULENTLY ADVERTISED BY SHOPIFY. The link that goes from Shopify is simply an Affiliate link, so Shopify gets to make even more money off of you! I closed the Amazon Seller's account within the week, listing no products whatsoever and Amazon promptly charged me $39.99 and sent an email stating that this may not be all I owe them. Two hours of chat with Shopify Help was only more frustrating as they refuse to do anything about their false advertising. Since it is NOT a Shopify Channel that syncs your products and is only an Affiliate link that gives Shopify a portion of your fee, Shopify has no incentive to put an end to their FRAUD!
Anyone interested in a couple of Shopify stores?

Wonderful Wallart

doesn't work for UK sellers and this review needs to be 30 characters.

Coclico Nyc

Zero stars. Useless. I don't understand why it is so hard to get the product set-up and it blows my mind that a company like Amazon doesn't have a functional, effort-free Shopify app. Whatever sales you might imagine you'd get are not worth the anxiety of this process. We didn't sell directly on Amazon before - it wasn't worth it to us to try and put product on Amazon unless it could sync with our Shopify inventory, we can't manage our inventory on two platforms we are too small a team to find the time for that. So when the app came out we thought it worth giving a try. Every single other integration we have tried has done exactly what it said it would, 30min set up and minimal maintenance. Its April now and we started the setup process in SEPTEMBER. I will say that the person at Amazon who has been holding our hand through this has been absolutely lovely. For her sake too I wish this app was functional, I'm sure her job would be much more pleasant not having to deal with people as frustrated as we are.

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