Amazon channel

Amazon channel

by Shopify

Sell on Amazon by listing your products and managing orders.

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Doesn't work. I cannot connect my account at all and no one knows what the issue is. The only reason I decided to sell on Amazon was because I thought I would be able to sync my products from Shopify to Amazon without having to do so manually. Now Amazon has my money and I still have to do all the listing manually with Amazon...Sucks!!!!!!!


This app is not useful. My inventory does not sync properly, pictures are not included in all of my sku's (even though validation is successfully passed). I wouldn't waste your time with this.


This is the WORST app of the store
Don't use it instead you want to lose time & money with bugs + poor support.

Spent hours creating 100+ listings on the app poor UI, months after, a bug happened, contacted support, wait for 1+month to get the bug "resolved", but "resolved" for the support meant deleting all the listings ( 70+ ), which mean delete hours of work and months of Amazon SEO.



If you don't have product listing set up exactly the same on both sites, this will not work for you.

For example, on amazon we have product x with all the variants of products that are the same type.

But on Shopify we have product x and only its specific variants.

Soooooo no way to sync

Life with Orchids

The bar to sell on Amazon is really high. Just to get started you have to agree to pay $40/month. Then the registration process get's bogged down with errors. Finally, if you get through that, you will have to submit as much documentation to prove your identify as you would to get a new drivers license at the DMV. Then, they'll reject your ID verification without an explanation as to what's wrong.

Meanwhile, international sellers are running amok selling counterfeit or misrepresented products.

Fun times - I'm about ready to give up. Being almost poor might be easier than dealing with Amazon.

Pink & Flare

The app does not connect to the shopify account and keeps showing this message since months "Couldn’t access your Amazon account
Confirm Shopify has access from the Amazon MWS developer permissions section of Seller Central. It can take up to 12 hours for Amazon to confirm access.
The worse thing is that there is no support on this topic from shopify since gurus don't have a clue about it.


Horrible! You need the Professional Plan to get started! That's really bad. I can't even test it because it's too expensive.

Hair & Scalp Meds

All I can say it has been a year and it has been the worst experience ever! Don't use this app. Products could never show up on Amazon. Go directly thru Amazon.

The Woolie

What the _______ is wrong with this app? I feel strongly that its has a mind of it's own.........which is utterly unstable. Shame on you Shopify for this debacle of an app that you developed.

I personally care about my product quality, usability and consumer satisfaction of the products that I manufacture and have sold for 22 years. I must have done something worthwhile because I have ranked the upper 6% of your stores comparably for the majority of my subscription to your services, according to you. This is only a small fraction of my business.

Clearly integrity is less than a priority, based upon the functionality and predominantly failure-based ratings by your users. The time and efforts that I have expended on your app are irreversible and have cost me my most valuable asset........which is time and my professional presentation. You should be ashamed of yourselves for your misrepresentation the app's capabilities. Even a greater shame on you for using this as an anchor marketing ploy for Shopify's shopping cart compatibilities.

Get some integrity and a conscience like those of us who have worked so hard to do in business the old-school way, which is the right way, honestly. Thusly leaving us with the ability to know that we've "done right" in business. Will you will say the same in 15 or 20 years, when you're all grown up?

Hamps Saddle & Tack

I have tried this app a couple times hoping that the problems would be fixed, Shopify app when listing or linking to a product under the same asin number requires that you have the cheapest price. it can't be the same as the others must be cheaper. I been selling on amazon for a while and know that this isn't a Amazon Issue it is a Shopify Issue. There isn't anyway to talk to the Amazon Sales Channel Dept. you must use shopify customer support (Which I would Give 5 stars they are great) and they send a message to the Amazon support staff. This is the only app that I have used provided by shopify that I would say doesn't have a clue at what needs to be done and it seems that they don't care. The rest of Shopify Apps have been great so I would suggest that shopify reach out to their customers who has had problems with this and see what needs to be done to get it up to the standards of the rest of their Apps.
They can Contact Me I would be glad to explain the problems to them in detail

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