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Sell on Amazon by listing your products and managing orders.

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Clever Family Homes

If you are looking for a simple interface to manage your Amazon inventory and orders directly in Shopify, this app works pretty well. It is important to properly set up your brand and listings in Amazon seller central first using the same SKU and UPC information used with the equivalent products in Shopify. I would recommend linking the inventory so its centrally managed. You still need to be vigilant and periodically check the inventory and order statuses between Amazon seller central and Shopify. I have experienced some outages on the Shopify side which have delayed the order statuses being updated in Amazon but you can manually "ship" these in Amazon when this occurs. Overall its doing the job and is free :)

Three Wrens Boutique

I'm not sure where all the hate is coming from for this app. The documentation needed to prove your identity is completely reasonable - a copy of your drivers license and a bank statement showing your name or your business name. You can choose to pay $40 per month, or pay a per-item fee, so if you aren't sure you'll sell a lot of product, you can avoid a high fee. These measures make sure the Amazon marketplace is populated by real businesspeople; it's a small price to pay, frankly.

That being said, the process of transferring your inventory data to Amazon is pretty cumbersome, unnecessarily so IMHO.

1. If I have 3 identical red shirts in 3 different sizes (S-M-L), I click "size" for my variant type. It loads the 3 sizes in, so I click on "Small" to create that variant, and I have to fill in the color "red" for each variant - why can't I assign a color to all three? Then I have to choose the photos for each variant, even if the photos are the same for each variant. Again, that should be a universal property. Then, the app limits me to 4 photos per variant, even though Amazon itself allows many more than that, so after the listing is created, I have to go add more photos in Amazon itself.

2 - It's possible to accidentally hit "enter" and submit your listing for publishing, and there is no "Are you sure you want to submit" popup, so off it will go to Amazon (unless you are lucky enough to have an error). Well, once you submit it to publish, you can't access it until they either accept or reject it, which can take hours or overnight, so you have to wait to finish that listing - a huge inconvenience that would be eliminated with a simple popup.

3. The flow of information from Amazon to Shopify isn't great. I have 5 listings that show in my Shopify Admin console as being errorred out, but they are active on Amazon. I can't figure out how to clear out those errors, so it makes further inventory management cumbersome.

4. I really feel like it should be possible to choose universal default settings for my store. I own a plus size clothing boutique and sell almost all my own label clothes, with a few name brands in there. I should be able to set my store so the categories and certain listing settings are my usuals, rather than starting over with every menu every time. It would have saved me an enormous amount of time.

All that being said, it's pretty amazing to have a nearly seamless connection between the 2 sales channels, and I had customer interest within 24 hours of loading my first products in.


Since, there are so many negative reviews, I just wanted to add my experience. I've used this app for about 8 months now, without any issues. It connects to Amazon Seller Central and lets me list/update products from my Shopify store into my Amazon account. The interface is a huge jump from Amazon's super complicated listing process - so that's a plus. I also love that orders from Amazon show up just like regular orders on my Shopify dashboard.

*Note: I'm not using Amazon's professional FBA plan.

Zen Den Candles

I have been using this app for almost a year - and frankly - it works and generally works well (for me and my limited needs). Unfortunately, when there is a problem. there are not many around with the experience needed to help you through it. (that's why I don't give it a 5)

That said - when it's working - which is almost always - it does a good job of what it's supposed to do.


I have had a good experience with this sales channel for my site. Set-up took quite awhile, but I am in one of the categories that you can't list directly from Shopify (and one that requires the Professional Seller plan tier anyway).

I have had to create all my listings on Amazon, and then link them later in Shopify, which was pretty painless, although, I only have about 15 SKUs so far that I've been able to add to Amazon at this point.

Sales that I've made through Amazon have seamlessly come over into my Shopify dashboard / order queue which was my main concern. And it works well. When I mark an order as shipped on Shopify, it automatically marks the order as shipped in Amazon.

My only complaint so far (I've had it up for about 2 weeks, and had a handful of sales through this channel) is that when I mark an Amazon order as fulfilled in Shopify, it causes the "send delivery notification to customer" checkbox to be unchecked on each next order (until I notice it and re-check the box). This seems like a weird glitch, and hopefully something that Shopify can fix, as I obviously want to notify every customer when their order ships.


For a small site, this may be ok, but listing your products on Amazon is probably best if done directly using Amazon's backend to create unique listings and descriptions which will benefit SEO.

Swift Decor

Since seems that there are so many mix reviews about this app I will like to share my experience to give the future users another perspective:
This app has work good for me because before installing the app we had already a 6 month old working amazon account. So this app help us by tracking and automatically updating our inventory.
Amazon platform is old, very complicated and frustrating. Because it is a competition game, nobody is really super helpful unless you pay for a class. If you have time there is a lot of info online, be patient read a lot and practice, since its free to start your own amazon account, learn from trial an error.
Shopify listings are very general for any kind of sync with other sale channels.The listings should be redone in each sales channel in order to maximized the SEO of each platform.
Still we do buy shipping and fulfill the order thru amazon directly for 2 reasons:
1. Shipping options are better with amazon: shopify doesn't have first class mail.
2. We print the package slip from amazon: I believe the customer is expecting the package slip from the website he ordered.
Hoping shopify continues to improve with these issues with this app and other sale channels.

Dishmaster Faucet

Other reviewers have made many valid points about the difficulties of integration, but, if your products should be listed on Amazon it is better that you do it as a Shopify channel. It is more work than it should be to sync products. However, once accomplished, it is much less work for day-to-day operations.


The app itself is great, though sometimes a bit slow to update information between say and Amazon, but it does it.

I'm left wondering what is the point with Shopify, however. I have still not had any sales that came through Shopify alone. Amazon does all the sales and I have sent a few through Shopify using eBay.

So is this app only making me think I need Shopify when Shopify is only taking credit for Amazon sales? That's what I wonder. Of course, I need an independent platform and Shopify let me hook up Oberlo and Printful - which while very cool, have ALSO had no sales yet.

We shall see.

Cee Bee Llc

Bit of a learning curve, but it has more than paid for the Amazon Pro account fees and then some. Here are some thoughts after 1.5 months.

I use the Amazon / Shopify integration for drop shipping POD items. Currently I have over 200 listings active and adding more each week.

Despite what is put out, you CAN *link* Shopify items with any item you have created a listing for on However, the Shopify Amazon App will only automatically create and link up a select few *clothing* items in the app itself.

If you want to link your Shopify items with items on Amazon you need to manually create a listing on via a flat file upload or through the "Create a Listing" page. You must then link your Shopify store with your Amazon Pro Seller account and it will scan and detect you listings on Amazon. IF the listing meet certian criteria (in stock, not FBA) you will be given the option to link you shopify and amazon product. Shopify will check your Amazon account about every 6 hours to see if any new products have been added or removed.

This has been a usefull tool (and hey,who doesn't love free :)), but still a bit rough around the edges. It's worth getting and learning to use.

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