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Amazon channel

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Sell on Amazon by listing your products and managing orders.

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Sell more with Amazon

Create listings for your products and reach new customers on Amazon.

Integrate platforms

Link existing Amazon listings to your products.

Manage products and orders

Sync inventory and fulfill orders from Shopify.

Conócenos Amazon channel

Sell on Amazon

Sell on the world’s largest online marketplace by creating listings for your products or linking your existing listings to Shopify. With the Amazon channel, you can manage your Amazon inventory and fulfill Amazon orders from the comfort of Shopify.

With Shopify and the Amazon channel, you can:

  • create Amazon listings for your Shopify products (see eligible Amazon categories below)
  • link your existing Amazon listings to your Shopify products (any product category)
  • add registered brands to create listings with your brand’s key attribute (no UPC/EAN required)
  • track your Amazon inventory
  • fulfill orders placed on Amazon
  • track Amazon sales using your Home sales overview and Analytics pages

Eligibility requirements

To use the Amazon channel, you need to:

  • sell in USD or CAD
  • have an Amazon Professional Seller Account that’s enabled to sell on or (USD $39/month, or CAD $29/month)

Eligible Amazon categories

With the Amazon channel, you can link existing listings from any category to your Shopify products. You can currently create new listings in the following categories:

  • arts, crafts, and sewing
  • beauty and personal care
  • clothing, shoes, and jewelry
  • electronics
  • health and household
  • home and kitchen
  • lawn and garden
  • patio
  • sports and outdoors
  • toys and games

Learn more about selling on Amazon by visiting the website in the “Sales & support” section of this page.

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Instalación gratuita

Requires Amazon Professional Seller Account—$39/month

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1.8 con 5 estrellas
Basada en 134 reseñas

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Reseñas más recientes

Marianne Nems Design Studio

Love it! it's so easy to use!! I have the best experience between Shopify and Amazon I am certain my business is going to fly high!!! Thank you Amazon
I only had to enter a few tax information which i already had handy, and all my products are online and the inventory is connected. I totally advise it to all merchants


Will be nice if it works, Time to publish my product and nothing is happening and have to redo again and again and at the end, it's not working

Marvel Hairs

The Wish sales channel had way less bad reviews but they removed their channel so fast, while nearly half of these reviews are 1 star and they're still keeping it with no signs of fixing any issues. Wonder why

Amazon is already confusing to use, but this sales channel made it even more of a headache. I was creating a listing through the sales channel and was able to publish it. Seemed to be working fine, then later I see a notification saying that I'm banned from the US marketplace. Talked to a few shopify gurus that couldn't explain what was going on.

I contacted Amazon and they basically said to stop using this sales channel. Merchants have tons of issues when using Amazon through a third party integration and was told that I did not have a ban or any error on my account. This app does not work and it does not simplify listing products or fulfilling orders.