Amazon channel

Amazon channel


Sell on Amazon by listing your products and managing orders.

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Sell more with Amazon

Create listings for your products and reach new customers on Amazon.

Integrate platforms

Link existing Amazon listings to your products.

Manage products and orders

Sync inventory and fulfill orders from Shopify.

有關 Amazon channel

Sell on Amazon

Sell on the world’s largest online marketplace by creating listings for your products or linking your existing listings to Shopify. With the Amazon channel, you can manage your Amazon inventory and fulfill Amazon orders from the comfort of Shopify.

With Shopify and the Amazon channel, you can:

  • create Amazon listings for your Shopify products (see eligible Amazon categories below)
  • link your existing Amazon listings to your Shopify products (any product category)
  • add registered brands to create listings with your brand’s key attribute (no UPC/EAN required)
  • track your Amazon inventory
  • fulfill orders placed on Amazon
  • track Amazon sales using your Home sales overview and Analytics pages

Eligibility requirements

To use the Amazon channel, you need to:

  • sell in USD or CAD
  • have an Amazon Professional Seller Account that’s enabled to sell on or (USD $39/month, or CAD $29/month)

Eligible Amazon categories

With the Amazon channel, you can link existing listings from any category to your Shopify products. You can currently create new listings in the following categories:

  • arts, crafts, and sewing
  • beauty and personal care
  • clothing, shoes, and jewelry
  • electronics
  • health and household
  • home and kitchen
  • lawn and garden
  • patio
  • sports and outdoors
  • toys and games

Learn more about selling on Amazon by visiting the website in the “Sales & support” section of this page.





可能需支付 外部收費。這些費用由外部供應商收取,且不會顯示在您的 Shopify 發票上。


Requires Amazon Professional Seller Account—$39/month

1.5 5 顆星

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Surfside Supply Co.

Surprisingly bad. There is a lack of information on how to get this channel to work on Shopify's end and the Amazon side is even worse. Would be extremely beneficial to hire a top-level Shopify seller who has been successful with this channel to write/create a comprehensive guide/video on how to set up, run, and manage this channel correctly across both platforms.



Thanks for taking the time to leave us with some feedback. You can find more information on how to setup the Amazon sales channel here: If you're still having trouble, I'd definitely recommend reaching out to our Support team directly so we can do some troubleshooting with you: Warm regards! -Oliver, Shopify Support

Zeus Armory

This app can't synchronize for the life of it. I've tried matching the SKU both on Amazon and Shopify with no luck. Anyone can help me get this working? The alternative is paying a huge monthly fee just to sync inventory.



Hi, there. Thank you for reaching out. Sorry to hear that you're having issues with matching the SKU for your products between Amazon and Shopify.

We aren't able to help with getting this working for you through the App Store, as we're unable provide account-specific support this way. However, this is something that our Support team would be happy to assist you with through live chat, email, or callback.

To create a support request, please visit the Shopify Help Center ( and log in to your account. Thanks. -Elias, Shopify Support

Eminent Beauty System

Only works for the order processing if the client ordered on Amazon, it will show up on Shopify. On other hand, Inventory synchronization is s*ck, it does not sync and link 200 products from Shopify to Amazon even I matched manually Amazon SKU to Shopify.



Hi, there. Sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues syncing some of your products between Amazon and Shopify. As this issue may stem from different reasons, I would recommend contacting our support team directly to get further assistance with this.

Please visit the Shopify Help Center ( and log in to your account to create a support request. Cheers. -Elias, Shopify Support