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30 oktober 2018

used the app to import amazon listing. doesn't work. looks lithe whole site is down. support didn't respond

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8 dagen gebruiken de app
18 april 2019

Messaged for help a week ago. Doesn't help. Please message me back so that I may use your app. Thank you.

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6 dagen gebruiken de app
29 april 2018

Don't bother in downloading this app, even though is free is extremely slow and time consuming, you add the link so it can pull the style and at the end you get an error message. Better to just pay for an app that gets the job done.

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6 dagen gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 13 maart 2019

I had the same problem as "itsy bitsy bridal" - all the products I added looked as if I was selling them direct - no link via my affiliate account. This app is awful and absolutely HORRIBLE customer support.

Swaggin' Tail
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6 dagen gebruiken de app
7 maart 2019

This app is honestly the worst. An app called "AmaZone DROPSHIPPER" should not have a note in the fine print that says "this app has nothing to do with dropshpping." You take the product from Amazon, post it as one of your products, and then when someone orders it from you, you have to go to Amazon and order it to them. What a sham.

Itsy Bitsy Bridal
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4 dagen gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 10 mei 2020

sorry i was thought this app is good but i found it was waste my time. this just import pic from amazon and won't dropship for you, was spend new hours importing!

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4 dagen gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 23 mei 2020

The idea is excellent. We reached out to Amazon for comments regarding this app and unfortunately, they have confirmed this to be not affiliated with their business thus renders this application risk questionable for future endeavors. If you are an established business or run an online store with large traffic, would you want your customers to get packages marketed as Amazons? Save yourselves the costs of potential legal repercussions should policies be changed affecting these business practices. Alternatively, you can reach out to Amazon for integration licensing to get orders under your company name., Inc
2 dagen gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 10 juli 2019

I sent emails twice about the app but no response from this app administration. Poor Customer Service

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1 dag gebruiken de app
PLI Negocios heeft geantwoord 19 oktober 2019

Hi! today (october 19) we have made the required Performance enhancements! Please I invite you to retry the app again and let me know your experience! You will not be disappointed.! I guarantee you.

Should you have any comment please let me know!

28 juni 2020

Why do you not get the wholesale price when someone buys an item from Amazon? You can't make any money this way!

A Blissfully Beautiful Boutique
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1 dag gebruiken de app
PLI Negocios heeft geantwoord 29 juni 2020

Hi. We have nothing to do with the products offered in Amazon nor the prices of each. The products sold in Amazon are not ours but from independent merchants. Please reconsider your review as it has nothing to do with our app service.


30 januari 2020

Não funciona! Além disso, só aparece em inglês. Tentei importar do site e dá erro!

Loja Visite o Brasil
Ongeveer 19 uur gebruiken de app
PLI Negocios heeft geantwoord 30 januari 2020

Hi! can you please send us the products URL that are not working for you ? It is regular process to fix URLs when they don't work. Let us know. Happy to help. Note: In March our app will be 100% renewed, faster and with more functionalities.