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26 december 2022

Ive been waiting a long time for a app like this. I want to see where this takes my store. I like AmaZone for my niche.

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1 september 2022

I can not link my products with amazon on Shopify. The button doesn't appear I am losing sales because of it.

BlackCherokee 1 Tribe
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13 januari 2021

It would be a great app if it worked. I have constant issues with products missing from my product list. About half of my products do not show and I do not have access. I have reached out to several times for fixes.

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9 oktober 2020

Eu quero usar, porém, quando importo determinado produto (via URL) vem com o erro errado (não separado por ponto), produto que era para custar $100 torna-se $1000 na conversão. Por favor corrijam isto para que eu possa usar. I want to use it, however, when I import a certain product (via URL) it comes with the wrong error (not separated by period), product that was supposed to cost $ 100 becomes $ 1000 in conversion. Please correct this so that I can use it.

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30 maj 2020

Im thinking of using this app but i have a question....Will they dropship for you or do i need to have product sent to me then ship to customer?If they send to customer wont the package say amazon?

Bend the Trenz
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Redigerat 11 maj 2020

Fairly simple to use. The only downside is that I have to go one by one of copying pasting. it can become tedious, but overall I'm satisfied with the little I was able to do. Free users can only use 10 imports/month.

My Tamed Mane
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1 mars 2020

Hi there, I have a question.

How can fix the botton to shop from Amazon.

Because everything was working correctly and then at one point it stops working. Please help


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8 juni 2019

I think this would be the best app on Shopify if it were not so slow to respond. I really love the concept of being able to import products from Amazon and Walmart especially with the faster shipping times versus using Aliexpress products with slower shipping but it's really been hit or miss with this app. One day it will work fine but the next.....nothing. Really slow to respond and pictures and descriptions don't migrate over every time. I can deal with fulfilling the orders myself, that's not a problem, it's getting the app to work correctly so I can get products to migrate over to sell and fulfill. Fix the technical issues and I will give a 5 star review. I think you're on to something big if you do.

1663 MFC
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3 juni 2019

Je suis satisfait de l'application mais ça serait mieux de mettre un tutoriel sur les commandes et les suivis pour voir facilement le statut. En faites j'avais eu deux première ventes sur mon site et là j'arrive pas à voir ou en est la commande.

Fleur Sublim
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23 maj 2019

Looks ok. Performs ok. I wIll revisit and update review once I've played with it a little. It'a a little early to tell. Only wrote this to stop the annoying popup asking for a review so soon after installation.

Shirts and Giggles
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