AMP by Shop Sheriff

AMP by Shop Sheriff

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10 recensies
23 januari 2023

I have been using this for a few months now and can say it does help with conversions on mobile.

Currently I am getting at least 2 extra sales per month when compared to when I did not use it.

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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 maanden
Bewerkt 30 oktober 2020

I just want to speed up the webpage. Other functions are of no use to us. After installation, we found that to change the theme we have, we must use the so-called theme of AMP. This is equivalent to adding a lot of work. I don’t know if the expected acceleration effect can be achieved. Trouble, I hope to make professional software instead of many fancy functions. The customer service did not respond in a timely manner, perhaps due to jet lag.

HappyBuy Mall
App gebruikt gedurende 1 dag
Bewerkt 21 oktober 2020

REVIEW REVISED ON 10/21/2020: We still love the app, but it has some weird stuff. Support is amazing, and they have helped curb some of the issues, but I recommend the stores that install this to REALLY look into your Google Console and whatever tool you may use to monitor SEO, because the app did cause some technical problems. I don't know what Support did, but it seems to have fixed most issues. One issue that is still pending, is that when we update pages, for instance a blog, the changes are NOT reflected in the AMP version. It's been days and the AMP version still shows the old version of the page. It doesn't happen to all pages or blogs, it's not consistent, so I don't know what gives. But still, for the most part, we still recommend the app. Unfortunately, I will take one star for the unsolved mysteries..... ORIGINAL REVIEW:
If I could give 10 stars, I would. We recently hired an SEO expert who told us we should AMP our pages. I knew nothing about that. Did a quick research and found this app. At first I thought it would be too good to be true, so many 5 stars, a handful of 4 stars and that's it. BUT IT IS INDEED THAT AWESOME!!!!!
We installed the product. It's a lot of new things to learn, but they make it super easy to install. I can learn more and read all their great documentation later if time allows. The installation was great, with some questions that support addressed with me right away on chat. THEIR SUPPORT IS OUTSTANDING. A couple of things showed up on our SEO monitoring tool and I contacted Sheriff support twice. They addressed my concern immediately. We started seeing results on google already. I wish I knew about this when we started 2 years ago!!!! Great product, amazing support.

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App gebruikt gedurende 9 maanden
Bewerkt 20 juni 2019

Great App comes in handy every time I would definetly recommend this to every Ecom shop owner......

Mind Body and Soul
App gebruikt gedurende 13 dagen
30 maart 2019

This app provides exactly what I want to show on my product page.

App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 maanden
12 maart 2019

Great little app to ampify my store. Worth ago even if you just use the free plan.

AK Valves Ltd
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App gebruikt gedurende 3 maanden
27 december 2018

I haven't been using it long enough to see results yet but am hopeful. it is easy to use. I like that there is a free version

Sharon's Candles and Soaps
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9 oktober 2018

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We got swag
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App gebruikt gedurende 7 minuten
4 oktober 2018

Just getting started with AMP but so far so good. Very easy to use and happy with the changes we can make ourselves!

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23 augustus 2018

Wanted to give this a whirl on to see how it would cope with a highly modified product page and it wasn't great. I've completed a lot of product page dev especially with the liquid template variations and I quickly noticed the app didn't recognise this.

Unfortunately they can only read the Shopify product description HTML, not the whole liquid from your site. So they format the products HTML, and let the user alter their colours/format using their theme editor.

Great support though and no doubt the majority of happy store owners haven't done any liquid code edits for their product or collection pages. I might well come back and try again once I have blog content.

My Ex Wardrobe Rh
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App gebruikt gedurende 35 minuten