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Bewerkt 18 november 2018

This is one of the only apps that does what it claims it will do and the support offered by the AMP staff is the best i have come across. We all need to be thinking mobile - so this app is a must have. .

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Bewerkt 21 januari 2020

App seems to work good. Had some problems with google flagging my amp pages as bad, Steven helped me out with correcting the bad code that was left with another app and helped clean up another problem i had. He went above and beyond what he needed to do for me. THANK YOU!

Update. They went above and beyond once again for me. Great app good support. A++++

Safety Stickers
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Bewerkt 27 juni 2019

Great APP and even better support! Had a few issues that we couldn't figure out in the beginning where AMP pages were not being indexed. The developers took a lot of time to try to help track down what the issue was and help us correct it. In this day of age its rare to get that kind of support and help with a product like an App. Not to mention the set up is a breeze, you have lots of control over the settings, and it just plain works. Already have recommended the APP to several friends in the ecomm space.

Air Plant Design Studio
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Bewerkt 5 november 2021

This app works well and is easy to install. I did have to upgrade from the free version to take advantage of the advanced features. This app does what its claims do, and it does it well. From templates to customize the pages, which app has all the features, you would ever need. Customer support is friendly and very helpful. I recommend this app to all.

Kinky Toy Store
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5 december 2018

The app itself is very useful and the support is very good as well. Stephen was very helpful even though the help i was looking for was not very related to this app. 5 stars!

I Love DIY Art
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5 september 2019

Excellent support Stephen gave me some great recommendations which help my site for example like speedboostr which was VERY helpful for my site errors and speed he took the time to research apps for me which he was not required to do. But he did it on his own. I am using the completed package they offer The Amp and PWA I notice that Bing is discovering the Atom urls getting index nicely. Thank you Stephen for all your help.
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11 mei 2020

These pages look great on mobile, the support is OUTSTANDING and they're constantly releasing conversion-boosting features. I'm thoroughly impressed :)

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12 januari 2021

Excellent service and support and the AMP themes offer great features. Highly recommend. Plus it has increased my site speed and seo dramatically.

Key Leaves
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22 mei 2019

Definitely a go to app for AMP pages. Customer support is lightening too ;) Really happy with results our organic traffic is boosted by more than 50% in a day. Thanks Sheriff :)

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9 juni 2020

Superfast set up and looks and performs incredibly fast too, which as a designer is paramount for us. Also, we already have our mobile search results ranking above everything else after 3 days of going live. Search "veldskoen shoes" our highest search term on mobile and see the lightning bolt next to the result below paid media. We now have a sub 2 second load time on a 3g network which is blazing without even optimizing images etc. Looking forward to seeing the Turbo theme being added to the list of themes.

Veldskoen Shoes USA
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