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Google AMP: Accelerate Mobile Page Speed Google Search Ranking

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AMP App for Reduced Load Time

Speed up your Shopify website pages with Google’s AMP caching solution. Generate AMP validated pages easily and reduce your site Bounce Rate

AMP Used by 1000+ SEO Experts

Fire AMP has helped more than 1000+ SEO Experts to speed up their customer’s stores. Fire AMP allows you to create AMP pages with one click.

Friendly Customer Support

We provide both chat & email support. We strive to resolve all our client's issues & always be approachable to them.

Fire AMP 정보

Advantages of Google AMP pages

  1. AMP pages typically load in less than one second
  2. AMP use ten times less data than the equivalent non AMP pages
  3. AMP pages’ load time is much faster than non AMP versions
  4. AMP pages are built for mobile
  5. AMP pages are built for Google SEO
  6. AMP pages significantly increase the volume of organic search traffic

What is amp?

AMP, an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages, is mainly supported by Google. AMP technology is built to speed up the websites using AMP framework. It consists of three components: AMP HTML, AMP JavaScript and AMP cache. AMP html is nothing but the stripped down version of regular HTML. Google caches AMP pages, making them to load much faster than non AMP pages. Newer version of Google AMP supports AMP Stories and AMP Email as well.

Why Use Google AMP for Shopify seo?

With Google AMP, you can supercharge your Shopify store, guarantee the best mobile experience, reduce bounce rate, increase conversion rate & watch your rankings in SERPs soar. Fire AMP app is built for creating Google AMP pages for your Shopify Store with just one click.

Faster load time, Higher conversions

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) load faster and makes your visitors to spend more time on your Shopify store, thus increasing the conversion rate and ROI. Fire AMP is the ultimate solution to expedited business growth.

Higher rankings in SERPs

Fire AMP app will create the Shopify AMP pages, which are cached and indexed by all the major search engines, especially Google. Give your Google SEO strategies a boost by using Fire AMP app.

Amazing mobile user experience

Fire AMP supports more Shopify themes than any Shopify AMP, which provides better mobile user experience through AMP.

Lower bounce rates, Increased conversions

Fire AMP pages load faster and reduce the bounce rate, thus increasing your sales by better conversion rate.

Other benefits of FireAMP

  • Fire AMP creates AMP validated pages for all your products in a single click
  • AMP solution for Shopify is easy to customize according to your liking
  • Fire AMP supports third-party app integration like Product Reviews for Shopify
  • Fire AMP also easily converts all Shopify pages into the AMP format, with a beautiful header, footer, and style
  • Maximize on pre-installed Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Tracking pixels
  • We provide excellent support! Install it NOW

One Click Installation of Fire AMP

You don’t have to be a developer to install Fire AMP for Shopify. It only takes a few clicks to install Fire AMP app from your Shopify store.

Fire AMP Support

We provide support within 24 hours. After AMP app installation, we will provide support to create AMP pages, customize AMP and help in the validation of AMP pages. Fire AMP is built for your success

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  • Create/Customize AMP for Products, Collections, Articles, Blogs
  • Google AMP & Good SEO Rankings in one click
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Best Support

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This app is great and easy to use, especially the team response. they are fast and responsive any time you need them, really hep me allot I recommend this app.


great support was able to get a quick response from the app itself. the amp feature itself is useful for our accelerated pages

Vapester Vaping

This app is not working for my website, I have had nothing but issues. The support seems quite disinterested in fixing the issue, they take my money as regular as clockwork though. Go figure, another poor quality Shopify app. Changing AMP apps is a massive hassle, and getting a refund, well, I asked and they said no, that's the beginning middle and end of the review. The only way to get them to fix this is to complain. Seriously find another app.