Livestream Live Shopping

Livestream Live Shopping

von Amperstand Live Shopping Livestreaming

Host livestream live shopping streams on your online store

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Boost Sales with Livestreaming

In-video checkout. Mobile optimized. Embed discount codes. Create urgency during live shopping events with limited item drops.

No setup

Live shopping shows & recordings automatically show up on your store. Customers checkout with your store's existing Shopify checkout flow.

Engage your customers

Your customers can talk to you via audio or chat messaging. < 1s video latency. Multiple live hosts for lively & fun live shopping events.

Über Livestream Live Shopping

Sell more with livestreaming on your Shopify store instantly with Amperstand Live Shopping!

Read on to see how you can achieve conversion rates that are 300-400% better than the average e-commerce store.

**What is Live shopping?**

Live shopping is the e-commerce version of live-streaming, where you can easily go live on your Shopify store, educate your customers more about your products, engage with them in real-time, and let them buy the products all during your livestream!

Live shopping originated in Asia where it's already the leading sales channel, and is now a massively growing trend worldwide. It's seen as the future of e-commerce, led by the beauty, fashion and apparel industries.

**Why should I start Livestreaming with Amperstand?**

  • Your customers can shop in-stream, driving sales during live shopping events, leading to a 30-35% add to cart rate
  • Syncs with your Shopify store automatically, including your checkout flows
  • Increase conversion rates by 300-400%, with the average store seeing a 10% conversion rate!
  • Go live from your mobile with our dedicated Amperstand apps for both Android and iOS, allowing you to start streaming and host live shopping events anywhere, anytime

Engage with your Customers with Live Shopping

  • Get unmatched engagement rates, with average 30-35% add to cart rates and 25% live-chat comment rates -making your customers so much more connected to you!
  • Multiple live shoping stream hosts - add collaborators/influencers to stream with you!
  • Customers can join live shopping stream via audio to speak with you. Invite them to ask questions, or invite a past customer to share their experience with your product and watch sales skyrocket.
  • Offer giveaways to encourage your customers share the livestream with family and friends.
  • Livestreams are so much easier to share, with 48% of customers reporting having shared a brand's livestream to their social media profile.

Drive Sales with a 10% conversion rate

  • Spotlight items with clear call-to-actions as you stream & host live shopping videos
  • With in-stream shopping, impulse buying becomes so much easier, leading to conversion rates of about 10% (4x higher than the average online conversion rate of 2.5%)
  • Limited quantity item drops

Get recurring sales by publishing your past livestreams on your Shopify store

  • Live video stream is delivered directly on your website, which drives sky-high conversions (typically ~30% add to cart rate and ~10% conversion rate)
  • Custom page for marketing your past and upcoming live shopping events
  • Mobile-optimized

What are you waiting for? Go live for FREE today with our 14 day free trial!

Any questions? Email for any questions, or to set up a quick demo call :)

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  • Unlimited Live Shopping Events
  • Recordings Saved to Shopify Storefront
  • Custom Event Marketing Page
  • Run Giveaways during the live sale

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4.5 von 5 Sternen

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can i use the app by computer not by mobile?
i need to use the professional camera to live stream.can you fix it ,i really need this function

Antwort des Entwicklers

30. Oktober 2021

Hi there, thanks for leaving a review. Currently the app only allows live-streaming via the mobile apps rather than computer, as that is how most sellers have preferred to use the app.

However, this is a feature we're working on, so should hopefully be available in a few months time :)


Our team is very satisfied with this app so far.
This is a very useful app for live streaming with good functions. We just look forward to more options to customize or choose a design for the main page.

Antwort des Entwicklers

27. Mai 2021

Thanks so much for the kind review! Excited to continue working together!

Steel Pony

I have been using this app for a few weeks and am very excited about the possibilities. It allows you to live sell right on your website. My customers are thrilled with how easy it is for them. I highly recommend it.