Amphora | Pick, Pack and Ship

Amphora | Pick, Pack and Ship

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Outsource your fulfillment. You sell, we do the rest

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A full logistic solution for your Shopify

Amphora provides a full logistic solution for Shopify store. To put it simply, you sell and we do the rest. We cover all the stages of your fulfillment, including receiving and storing your product in our network of warehouses, preparing your orders (pick & pack) and shipping them to your final customer. We even manage your returns so that you can focus all your attention in growing your business. And the best part is that you only pay as you go, and there are no minimums or setup fees.

Manage your store from home

What’s more, in Amphora we have developed an in-house software so that you can manage all your logistics from your computer: • Seamlessly sync your store in seconds • Real-time inventory management • Order tracking • Personalized analytics & reporting • Simplified billing • Return center

Forget about your logistics in 3 simple steps

  1. Connect your Shopify through Amphora’s platform and send us your product
  2. We store your product in our Fulfillment Centers
  3. As soon a customer places an order, we automatically receive it and pick, pack and ship it from the nearest fulfillment center



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5.0 5 顆星

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Lulla Doll

Amphora Logistics es una empresa excelente! Con ellos no tienes que preocuparte por recoger, guardar, preparar y enviar tus pedidos, ellos lo hacen por ti :) Muy profesionales, rápidos, gran calidad y trato muy agradable, te resuelven las dudas muy fácilmente! La app está perfectamente conectada con su plataforma y shopify, una vez entra un pedido en tu tienda de shopify automáticamente se envía la información a su plataforma y te olvidas de cualquier gestión, hasta el el pedido se marca como completado automáticamente! Muy recomendable, gracias Amphora por vuestro servicio! Laura