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  • Immediately increase your revenues πŸ’°
  • In-depth customer demographics πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦
  • Instantly engaging for your customers πŸ“±

β˜…β˜… INSTALL BONUS - 100 FREE CREDITS β˜…β˜…

Install Amplify and receive 100 free credits.


Immediately increase your revenues using the Amplify text marketing and sales channel to experience unparalleled open/click through rates (98% / 45%) compared to email (17% / 2%), and compared to Facebook click through (< 0.1%), and Twitter click through (0.2%),

Amplify’s in-depth demographics enable you to easily pinpoint customer segments to make the most of marketing and selling your products through text messaging, while collecting all new customer engagement activities to help you better understand their wants and desires

Your customers will love and appreciate the immediacy your messages provide them to take advantage of special offers, hard to access experiences, preferred customer discounts, etc., and the ease of using their native text applications to instantly engage with your online store


Amplify makes it easy to market and sell your products in a few simple steps. Here's how:

#1 Send MMS Product Marketing Messages

Market your online store products through the most immediate channel available.

#2 Customers Click Product Link

Instantly drive customers to your online store products.

#3 Data driven results

Customers receive a 'Thank You' text message when purchases are completed, and all purchase data is added to your Amplify demographics engine.


Amplify Features

  • Seamless product and customer integration with your online store powered by Shopify

  • Highly intuitive CRM with in-depth demographics to pinpoint customer segments to sell your products to

  • Simple to use tools to build your subscriber lists:

  • Quickly customizable landing page

    send your landing page link out to your email lists and social media followers to build your subscribers

  • Customizable screen popup

    our screen popup appears in your Shopify store after your customers have completed their purchases, allowing them to subscribe to your mobile marketing lists

  • Embeddable widget

    you can add our mobile capture widget to your website, blog, or third party landing pages to collect mobile numbers from visitors who want to subscribe to your promotional sales offers
  • Additional Features Include

    • Send branded messages using images and gifs to entice customers

    • Quick view dashboard that gives you instant insights and information about your marketing and sales results

    • Powerful reports on marketing and sales results, and customer activity


    Text marketing gets unparalleled results compared to any other channel:

    • allows for the sale of products and experiences where the buyers are accustomed to reacting, on their mobile phone native text applications

    • costs for in-text marketing and sales are fractional compared to other channels, while reach and conversion are dramatically better due to the immediacy and intimacy of text
    • Text marketing has the greatest rate of conversion compared to any other channel*:

      • 40% higher conversion than any other form of marketing

      • 80% of people use text as their most common mobile phone activity

      • 90% of text messages are read in under 3 minutes

      • Text messages have a 98% open rate and a 45% response rate

      *Stat sources:

    • http://salesforce.com/blog/

    • https://textrequest.com/blog/
    • https://callfire.com/blog/

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    Amplify is a free integration that comes with 100 credits automatically added to your account.

    Additional credits cost US$0.20 on our Pay-As-You-Go plan, or you can purchase bulk credits at up to a 25% discount.

    Each credit allows you to send a customized MMS text marketing campaign to engage customers (currently US and Canadian customers only) you have opted-in . All customer replies are free to Amplify accounts. Normal mobile carrier costs may apply to customers.

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