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Sync your store customers into Ampjar

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Send better emails, faster

Ampjar builds email newsletters using your most popular social content. Create emails your customers will love in just one click.

Grow with other brands

Share content from other brands in the Ampjar community, and be shared by brands with customers that will love you.

No hassle integration

No need to export/import data between your Shopify store and Ampjar anymore - keep your data in sync - all the time

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Better email newsletters and ads – right out of the jar

Ampjar builds stylish and smart newsletters for you in minutes and helps you share, and be shared by, authentic and engaging brands.

Ampjar builds your email newsletters for you using your most popular social content. Creating and sending email campaigns will now take you just a few minutes ...and because campaigns are built using your most popular content, you know your customers will love the content.

Ampjar then helps you reach new customers every day by placing your best content inside other community members' emails, driving clicks back to your website. You can even host other awesome brands in your emails; you get paid and send more interesting content to your customers that they'll love you for.

This app allows Shopify and Ampjar customers to work even more smoothly by syncing your Shopify customer base into Ampjar.

How does this work?

  1. Connect your Shopify and Ampjar accounts through this app
  2. We sync your customers into Ampjar
  3. Set up emails and ads through Ampjar
  4. We send the campaigns out to your perfectly synced customers!

Key Features

  • Simple database sync that you can turn on and forget
  • Set up emails and collaborations through the Ampjar community
  • Send great campaigns with very little time or effort!

What does this cost?

Sync your data for Free! Comment created

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Gratis te installeren

We won't charge you for this app - Ampjar itself is a paid service - so their pricing applies

5.0 van 5 sterren

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Little Printables

Wanted to sync my customers into Ampjar to make the process even easier. Worked perfectly first time, and keeps everything nicely synced.