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Analytics Data right inside your store

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Data inside your store

Analytics data right inside your Shopify admin. No need to log in to some other app or website and lose context of what you are working on.

Actionable reports

Get a detailed marketing attribution report for each order to see what works. Weekly email reports highlight any privacy issues.

Free audit

Not sure if your Google Analytics is properly set up? When you install Analytics Buddy it checks common tracking and configuration issues.

À propos de Analytics Buddy

Analytics Buddy is an app for your online store that pulls data from your Google Analytics profile and displays it right inside your Shopify admin.

Important: Don't install Analytics Buddy if you can't or don't want to use Google Analytics! You also need ecommerce tracking and enhanced ecommerce tracking enabled.

When you install Analytics Buddy it will check your Google Analytics profile for common setup and configuration issues. Google Analytics has many settings that have to be carefully configured to ensure you get the best data possible. If there are any problems and you need help, take advantage of our free audit service!

Once installed, Analytics Buddy will show you relevant information about each order you receive right inside your Shopify admin and you'll get an email detailing:

  • Product views and Add to carts for each product.
  • Products your customer considered, but didn't buy - ideal for upselling!
  • The hidden campaigns that provided assists for the order.

Analytics Buddy uncovers valuable information about your store that is hard to find and brings it right to you.

Best of all, you get this functionality for free!

Advanced Analytics

Once you caught the analytics bug you have the option to subscribe to our Analytics Ninja plan. This adds several powerful capabilities to our free plan, including:

  • Daily Sales and Traffic Email.
  • Automated personal information removal. Scrub personal data before it gets sent to Google Analytics.
  • Custom reports.

More information and help is always just an email away!

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Forever Free


  • Audit of your Google Analytics installation and data
  • Analytics data right inside your Shopify
  • Attribution report for each order

Analytics Ninja

$5 par mois

  • Daily Sales and Traffic Email
  • Personalized Data Studio reports

* Tous les frais sont facturés en USD.
** Les frais récurrents, y compris les frais mensuels ou les frais d'utilisation, sont facturés tous les 30 jours.

4.7 de 5 étoiles

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Avis les plus récents

Lean Greens

An inexpensive, simple app with priceless information.

Pulling useful data from Google analytics is not always easy, especially on an individual order basis. Analytics Buddy's simple email for each order provides me with the essential data so I can know how and where customers are arriving at our store

Attribution is pretty messy at the best of times, this at least goes some way to identify device, user type, and source and how many visits it takes to get a conversion. Making my marketing efforts less of a mystery.

Definitely worth adding to your Shopify App stack

What Fashion Wants

This app is good but i just find other apps I've installed help me in the specific ways that work best for my business.

Brin d’Arômes

Love the app! Provides great insights about your product and works well with Google analytics. The instructions are so helpful to set up everything. Michael is absolutely amazing!! I can't rave enough about his customer service and explanation to help better understand how things work. Really love the summary that he created. Keep on the great work and thank you for this amazing app!