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Integrated accounting & stock control for your online business

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Manage sales & purchases

Easily manage payments, couriers and returns for your sales and purchases.

Control stock

View and track stock levels ensuring you are never out-of-stock of your important products.

Sophisticated accounting

Control your business costs by examining detailed profit & loss and balance sheet reports. Easy generation of VAT returns and EU VAT lists

关于 AngelBooks


AngelBooks is a back-office system to help your online business to succeed. It takes the drudgery out of book-keeping and stock control and allows you to concentrate on what you do best - grow and expand your business. It helps in these important ways ...

Stock taking and pricing

Every time a product is sold or purchased it is recorded in its stock management system to easily keep track of stock levels. Each product sold can have a Bill of Materials (BOM) associated with it. The BOM defines what other products go into producing the product and hence can be used to estimate the cost of the product and to adjust the stock levels of it’s component products.

Online sales support

Online sales can have their fulfilment state tracked so you can see which ones need to be packed and which ones are ready to go. Support for partial fulfilment, courier selection with optional tracking number input and easy printing of invoices with combined address labels provide extensive support for online sales.

VAT returns

The system has built-in reporting for VAT returns and EC sales lists and can be done monthly or quarterly depending on how you are registered with HMRC.

Accounting & reporting

It can provide standard Balance sheet and Profit and Loss reports to show the financial health of your business. In addition, it has individual product reports which show the sales performance of each product and the profit they are generating. All reports can be easily exported as .csv files for easy import into spreadsheets if required.

Easy bank account consolidation

The system is integrated with PayPal meaning it can automatically pick up sales, purchases and bank transfers from your PayPal account. For other bank accounts, bank statements in QIF, OFX and CSV formats can be easily imported.

It’s browser based

This means it can be used on PCs or Macs (or even tablets!) without the need for any fiddly software installation. All popular browsers are supported including IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera

It’s highly automated

AngelBooks automatically imports Shopify sales, products and payments (including PayPal and other providers) at the touch of a button, saving you time and money. Its easy to turn Shopify sales into invoices, edit them and then sent to customers saving you time and hassle.

Multiple users

You can add as many users of the system as you require as your business expands (and for no additional cost!). Users can be restricted as to what they can see and do on the system so sensitive financial data can be hidden.


  • PayPal,
  • UK Banks



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Standard plan


  • Sale and purchase management
  • Stock control
  • Financial reporting
  • VAT reporting
  • Bank account payment consolidation

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5.0 评分


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Naturally Balmy

Angel Books is an amazing tool for my skincare business. It’s easy to use, yet is fully comprehensive in terms of what it can do. I have tried many online accounting systems but this is one is the most automated I’ve seen; it imports my Shopify orders and converts them to VAT invoices at the touch of a button, it imports all my Shopify products, and my PayPal and bank account transactions, making it much easier to reconcile payments, and it even tracks all the stock as well. I love how detailed the stock analysis is – once you tell it the BOM (Bill of Materials) for each product, it tells you the exact cost of your product (which is so important), and takes all of the materials out of stock once sold.

You can also see at a glance how much profit each order has generated, making it so easy for me to spot an under-priced product!

I can view VAT reports to see how much I owe, P&L reports, EC sales and more.

This software has actually saved me the expense of hiring a trained bookkeeper as it is so easy to use and takes up so little time, I can do it all myself, and still have time left over to run my business.

I would thoroughly recommend this app to any business, big or small.