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Animal Drop

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Sell pet products on your store and dropship from US suppliers

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Search for Products

Animal Drop offers over 30,000 pet products you can import to your Shopify store

Import them to your Store

All pet products are high quality and ship from the US in 2-3 days.

Make Sales

With Animal Drop, you can sell pet products online without worrying about shipping or inventory.

Animal Drop 정보

Looking for pet products to sell online? Find them with Animal Drop!

Animal Drop is a pet niche dropshipping app that offers you thousands of high-quality, trending pet products for you to find, add them to your Shopify store, and start selling today.

Stop worrying about inventory and shipping, worry about driving traffic, making sales, and building your brand.

How Animal Drop Helps You Find Success:

Free Trial

Test out Animal Drop for free during your trial period to understand how it helps grow and scale your pet niche dropshipping store.

Extensive Product Catalog

With over 30,000 different products available, you’ll find a wide range of categories like: *

  • Treats
  • Collars
  • Harnesses
  • Dresses
  • Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Leashes
  • And more!

Free Resources

Use our free resources to help inspire your product pages and ad creative by studying how the top pet niche dropshipping create urgency, build trust, and convert visitors.

Automated Fulfillment

Once you make a sale, we handle the rest. All processing, billing, and fulfillment is automated with Animal Drop. Tracking numbers are automatically added to your Shopify order when orders are shipped.

2-3 Day Shipping

With all Animal Drop products located in the USA, you’ll enjoy 2-3 day shipping on ALL domestic orders.

High Margins

We work directly with pet suppliers to secure the highest profit margins for you. Sell better products with faster shipping, without sacrificing profit.

How Animal Drop Helps Your Business Grow:

Higher Average Order Value

Looking to increase your AOV this year? Do so by upselling/cross-selling new, trending pet products with Animal Drop.

More Repeat Customer Purchases

Keep customers coming back by adding new, high quality products through Animal Drop.

Better Conversion Rates

Product quality and shipping times are both part of the overall experience a customer has with your store. Ensure it’s an unforgettable experience by offering quality products with fast shipping with Animal Drop.

More Details:

Returns: We only accept returns for manufacturer defects Shipping Times: Orders are shipped 2 - 3 days and delivery 5 - 7 days from order date Product & Shipping Costs: All Costs are clearly marked on product cards in the application Currency: All application costs are in USD Shipping: Most products ship worldwide though this app is best for stores with US-based customers

Start using Animal Drop today

Join today for a free trial!

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Charged for orders fulfilled by Animal Drop

  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Automated Fulfillment
  • Automated Tracking Number Updates

* 모든 비용은 USD로 청구됩니다.
** 월별 혹은 사용자 기반 청구를 포함한 반복 청구 금액은 30일 마다 청구됩니다.

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Canine's World

too much $$$ & not enough products or categories. For the price i really expected more I thought I would see hundreds of collars boy was I wrong

개발자 회신

2020년 8월 4일

"Feedback is a gift" and I appreciate you took time send us some.

I'm sorry to hear you didn't feel the app was worth its subscription fee.

The monthly subscription fee covers access to automated fulfillment, inventory sync, and many other features that make running a dropshipping store seamless. We believe the price is fair for the convenience and automation we offer.

Even with the current pandemic that companies are facing around the globe, we are still able to offer over 16,000 pet products, including hundreds of collars. We continually add more products every month.

Thank you for the feedback and if you have further concerns, please do not hesitate to send us an email at

Happy Selling!

FurBaby Store

This would have been a nice app if the prices weren't as high. They're selling the exact same products that customers can find at Petco and Chewy at a higher price. There's no way to make money with this app.


missed some different toys
the price too high

the support most of the time not Responders
not nice