Sticky Add to Cart Buy Button

Sticky Add to Cart Buy Button

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Sticky Add to Cart Button, Buy Now Button & Cart Animator

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Add To Cart Animator

Display One of 20 Different Buy Button Animations. A Shaking Add to Cart Button Instantly Increases Your Site's Conversion Rate & Revenues.

Sticky Cart Checkout Button

Our Sticky Cart Button is Displayed Across All Pages of Your Store Making a Purchase Both Easier & Faster for You & Your Site's Visitors

Quick Buy Buttons

Customers can Instantly Purchase from All Pages such as the Product Listing, Home Page, Collection Pages, Recommendation Widgets & More.

Sobre Sticky Add to Cart Buy Button

Sticky Add to Cart (ATC) Banner/Header Bar to Increase Conversions

Increase conversions with our floating banner bar that becomes visible when your visitors begin to scroll downwards passed your site's original Add to Cart Button. By keeping your buy button in front of your customer at all times you will notice an uplift in add to carts and revenue.

Animated Add To Cart Buy Now Button to Boost Your Site's Sales

Increase conversions with an animated add to cart (ATC) buy button. Our buy button animations include 15 call-to-action (CTA) animations each engaging your website's visitor into clicking the animated buy button. This tool will increase your store's conversion rates and improve average order levels.

Quick Buy Button to Instantly Increase Revenue

By placing a quick buy button on pages such as your homepage, all collection pages and recommendation widgets visitors can immediately add products straight to their cart uninterrupted. The Sticky Add to Cart Buy Button app places a small icon inside each product image and allows the user to instantly add to cart any products they impulse click. This small, yet powerful feature will improve your store's conversions and average order values.

Always Visible Floating Cart Button Makes Checking-Out Simpler

The Sticky Add to Cart Buy Button app adds a floating checkout button that immediately takes any visitor straight to the cart page in readiness to check-out. Your site's visitors user experience is automatically raised as buyers are able to access their cart far easier, meaning less frustration and less site abandonment searching for where the checkout icon might be. Instantly increase sales revenues.

Analytics Detailing Your Site's Top Product Clicks, Add to Cart Statistics & Device Type

Easily find out your top performing products & get insight into your last 15 store clicks – see exactly which products are generating add to cart clicks. Identify under performing products in an instant. Our analytics panel also displays the total number of clicks and the potential revenue generated from those clicks. In addition, the Top Performers includes additional device statistics, understand clearly which device performs best for which product allowing you to tailor your visitors experience even further.

Easy, Automatic 1-Click Install, No Coding Needed. Works With Every Theme

Built with simplicity in mind. The app back-end is split into 4 easy to digest areas with simple on/off toggles. We recommend you use all of the apps features to ensure your store's sales skyrocket.

Key Benefits

  • Increase your site's conversion rate & sales volume instantly.
  • Low Cost App with Awesome ROI.
  • One-Click Install
  • Multiple Animations
  • Sticky Header Bar
  • Shaking Buy Buttons

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  • Fully Automatic 1-Click Install
  • 4 Tools in 1-App
  • Fully Mobile and Desktop Responsive
  • Free Premium Expert Support

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