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AnswersEasy Support

AnswersEasy Support

Developed by Kamari Labs

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Price: Free – $10.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Easy to use, answers are filtered as your customer types
  • Integrated Email support, Email shows up in the app.
  • Easily see what your customers are looking for!

✔ 30 Day Risk FREE Trial!

AnswersEasy.com adds a support tool to your shop. Users can click on the help tab and instantly find answers to their questions by typing just a few characters into the search box.

Results are filtered and displayed to your customer. Answers can include rich HTML and embedded content, YouTube videos, and more.

Easily group all of your questions and answers into neat and organized categories.

Easily enter your questions and answers one at a time or use our Bulk Import tool and easy to follow instructions.

AnswersEasy.com is 100% responsive and mobile friendly so iPhone, iPad, Android and other devices can use it the same as their desktop counterparts.

Every shop gets a personalized vanity url for displaying their AnswersEasy Q&A (yourshop.answerseasy.com) this makes it easy to embed your Q & A anywhere on any page even if it's not a Shopify page! Wow!

Every shop gets a personalized email address, when emails from the support tool are sent the app captures them and allows you to reply from within the app.

The Problem: FAQ pages are dead! Consumers are looking for fresh answers and fast.

The Solution: AnswersEasy makes finding answers to questions a cinch in your Shopify store.

✔ Reduce support, and increase sales!

Stop answering the same questions, and get back to growing your online business with this helpful little tool.

✔ Features

  • ✔ Support Emails in one place (auto respond coming soon)

  • ✔ Bulk Import your questions and answers from a spreadsheet

  • ✔ Fully SEO optimized help urls on your shop for SEO ranking.

  • ✔ Answer pages are fully indexible by Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.

  • ✔ Bulk Import your Answers

  • ✔ Fully Responsive 100% (Supports mobile customers)

  • ✔ Best Shopify support app yet!

  • ✔ Friendly Customer Support

  • ✔ Customer get help without leaving the current page!

  • ✔ Custom vanity url included with your account yourshop.answerseasy.com

  • ✔ Customers help themselves without leaving the site or current page.

  • ✔ See where your searches and emails are being sent from

  • ✔ Embed PDF files and more

  • ✔ Instant answers via search

  • ✔ Supports categorization of answers

  • ✔ Easily edit your answers

  • ✔ Reduces Support Requests

  • ✔ Simple and Easy to use

  • ✔ Absolutely no installation required, it installs itself

  • ✔ Fully Customizable

  • ✔ Supports Custom Support Tab Images

  • ✔ Works in any theme!

  • ✔ Instantly learn what your customers need to know most!

  • ✔ Simple to use editor

  • ✔ Rich HTML support

  • ✔ YouTube video support

  • ✔ Unlimited search requests

  • ✔ Easy to use contact form

  • ✔ Reply by email right from the app!

  • ✔ Localization Multi-Language Support

Free – $10.00 / month
30 days

Support & Sales

Kamari Labs
(213) 259-3726
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