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AnswersEasy Support

AnswersEasy Support

Developed by Kamari Labs

19 reviews
Price: Free – $10.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Easy to use, answers are filtered as your customer types
  • Integrated Email support, Email shows up in the app.
  • Easily see what your customers are looking for!

✔ 30 Day Risk FREE Trial!

AnswersEasy.com adds a support tool to your shop. Users can click on the help tab and instantly find answers to their questions by typing just a few characters into the search box.

Results are filtered and displayed to your customer. Answers can include rich HTML and embedded content, YouTube videos, and more.

Easily group all of your questions and answers into neat and organized categories.

Easily enter your questions and answers one at a time or use our Bulk Import tool and easy to follow instructions.

AnswersEasy.com is 100% responsive and mobile friendly so iPhone, iPad, Android and other devices can use it the same as their desktop counterparts.

Every shop gets a personalized vanity url for displaying their AnswersEasy Q&A (yourshop.answerseasy.com) this makes it easy to embed your Q & A anywhere on any page even if it's not a Shopify page! Wow!

Every shop gets a personalized email address, when emails from the support tool are sent the app captures them and allows you to reply from within the app.

The Problem: FAQ pages are dead! Consumers are looking for fresh answers and fast.

The Solution: AnswersEasy makes finding answers to questions a cinch in your Shopify store.

✔ Reduce support, and increase sales!

Stop answering the same questions, and get back to growing your online business with this helpful little tool.

✔ Features

  • ✔ Support Emails in one place (auto respond coming soon)

  • ✔ Bulk Import your questions and answers from a spreadsheet

  • ✔ Fully SEO optimized help urls on your shop for SEO ranking.

  • ✔ Answer pages are fully indexible by Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.

  • ✔ Bulk Import your Answers

  • ✔ Fully Responsive 100% (Supports mobile customers)

  • ✔ Best Shopify support app yet!

  • ✔ Friendly Customer Support

  • ✔ Customer get help without leaving the current page!

  • ✔ Custom vanity url included with your account yourshop.answerseasy.com

  • ✔ Customers help themselves without leaving the site or current page.

  • ✔ See where your searches and emails are being sent from

  • ✔ Embed PDF files and more

  • ✔ Instant answers via search

  • ✔ Supports categorization of answers

  • ✔ Easily edit your answers

  • ✔ Reduces Support Requests

  • ✔ Simple and Easy to use

  • ✔ Absolutely no installation required, it installs itself

  • ✔ Fully Customizable

  • ✔ Supports Custom Support Tab Images

  • ✔ Works in any theme!

  • ✔ Instantly learn what your customers need to know most!

  • ✔ Simple to use editor

  • ✔ Rich HTML support

  • ✔ YouTube video support

  • ✔ Unlimited search requests

  • ✔ Easy to use contact form

  • ✔ Reply by email right from the app!

  • ✔ Localization Multi-Language Support

AnswersEasy Support reviews (18)


Stay away... They no longer support their app! We installed this a few months ago and things went fairly smooth, we had a couple issues but support helped us right away. We then spent a lot of time entering in all the Q&A... Well, now we have a bigger issue. The menu and cart do not work on any of the AnswersEasy pages and we can't get any support for it! We've emailed and submitted numerous support tickets for over a month now. We even got Shopify involved and they tried to contact the app developer with no luck either... Not sure why or how this app is even still in the app store if there is no one to support it?! We will have to now look at other alternatives after spending many hours entering in Q&A!! :(


I read the horrible reviews and was like "whoa..." but I decided to try it anyway, and it actually is the first app I will actually leave a review for. I absolutely love how easy it was to integrate and I will be one of the only people in my industry who offers this service to my customers. I will say that if you're not an overly patient person like I am, then this app can get very tedious to fill in all those Q&A's. But if you upload a new question every time someone asks, then this app is golden!

Update: I have switched themes now and the layout of this app looks TERRIBLE. I'm really irritated about that because now I have to pay their installation fee for it to match my theme; not happy!


edit2: had an issue with the app and it was fixed almost immediately, the app is worth it and the CEO/devs offer great support , please note this is current as of dec. 4th 2015 - there's a review yesterday saying you can't edit the answers, this is fixed

as for the tab issue, will investigate
edit: tab works fine for me right now as of 3:50pm EST dec. 4 2015

edit: just wanted to edit our review to advise everyone that this app works perfectly as of july 13th - if there was any problem previously it is fixed, do not take the one-star reviews into account, install it, try it, contact support if you need help, give them a fresh chance you will not be disappointed

emailed at 2 in the morning the support team took less than 7 minutes to reply, the dashboard currently has some sort of problem and they fixed it within minutes.

This app is easily the best FAQ app out there and will, after a long set up process, save everyone lots of time (you and your customers both)

The price is unbeatable and it works almost perfectly, confident it will only get better.


Do not install this.......this app would behave totally weird...you wouldnt be able to open this on any other computer than you have first installed it.....you wouldnt be able to edit answers which you have created........suddenly the tab appearance on your website will change.......and eventually you will need a lot of support...which is not at all available...


App has constant issues with the "support tab" popping out of the side of the page. I originally removed it but months later it popped back up and blocked 1/2 the smartphone website display. We got many emails and phonecalls that customers could not navigate our site and lost $$$. I contacted Tim many times asking him to remove the support tab with only one reply and no fix. Figured out a work around and inserted a pixel where the support tab is and that was OK for a while but now they must have updated the app and the support tab is back! - with a stupid ass alien sitting on the top of it. Completely unacceptable and every time I try the pixel trick there is a server error.
The App is cool but it has major display issues and the support sucks. I don't trust it will be around for long and all my work will be lost at some point.


No response from customer support. - wondering if issues are fixed and I should go ahead with this app. It looks like a good solution...


We lost of our whole FAQ sections, what a crazy apps, try everything to contact support staff and then noticed those other review. Good on you shopify ! to offer this lot to your shopify customers. Hope you guys making some good commission $$ from this lot.


Server crashed. They had no backups. Lost countless hours of data and some stuff we can't even recreate if we wanted to. Stopped replying to emails when the sh%t hit the fan. Hung me out to dry along with some others that are now reviewing here and giving one star. Very disappointed and learned yet again the lesson we've all learned in life - with these cloud apps YOU BETTER HAVE YOUR OWN LOCAL BACKUPS OF ALL DATA AS NOTHING IS SAFE IN THE CLOUD OR IMMUNE FROM CATASTROPHIC LOSS. Just horrible. GO TO ZENDESK OR SOMETHING MORE DURABLE FOR THE LONG HAUL >>> ssbrewtech.com


Lost all support questions when server crashed and Kamari had no back-ups. Emails were rarely returned. NOT a professional operation.


Spent quite a bit of time creating my FAQ and support answers only to find out that the server crashed and backups were placed on the server that crashed. I created the questions manually and didn't have an import file since some of those don't have questions ready to import in a file. All that time/effort is gone and so are my questions. Not a happy customer!

Free – $10.00 / month
30 days

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