Anti Fraud Pro

Anti Fraud Pro


Import or Create custom filters to help you prevent fraud


Import custom filters

Importcustom filters that meet the needs of your business and adds an additional layer of security to your store to prevent fraud

Flag suspicious orders

Orders that match your filters can be flagged as suspicious on the order page so you can review them before fulfilling

Block macilious customers

Use filters to prevent any certain macilious customers from placing orders on your store

有關 Anti Fraud Pro

What is Anti Fraud Pro?

Anti Fraud Pro can provide an additional layer of protection to help you fight fraud and avoid chargebacks. We have build-in fraud detect algorithm to detect fraud order through behaivor and etc. Of course, we also support simple rule-based functionality you can easily set up warnings for suspicious orders, or block orders completely.

How to use ?

You can configure filters to flag orders through order details. Of course, you can import a list of rules from our xls template, such as a list of suspicious email list. When an order is placed that match your rules. We will automatically follow the instructions you've set up and either flag it as suspicious or cancel it.

For example, you can setup a filter policy with two rules, one rule is filter email, one rule is filter order value greater than 200$, then an order from a specific email and order value greater than 200$ will be flagged suspicious or canceled by Anti Fraud Pro.

Features About Anti Fraud

  • Build-in fraud detect algorithm
  • We support Filter group, filter policy, filter rules.

    1. Rules under same policy are Logical AND.
    2. Policy under same group are Logical OR.
  • We Support Import batch rules from xls template.

    1. You can import such as an email list from xls file, just copy the email list to our xls template.

Getting started

Installing Anti Fraud Pro is easy. The app is directly integrated with the admin of your store. Read the FAQ listed on this page for step by step intstructions with supporting screen shots.

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