Antram Bulk PowerTools

Antram Bulk PowerTools

開發者:Antram Technologies

The powerful way to bulk update your product catalog

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Save Time

Instead of spending hours to manually update your product catalog, let our app do the same work in only a fraction of the time.

Easy To Use

Skip the learning curve and let our intuitive wizards guide you through the process of modifying the properties of your product catalog.

Update With Confidence

Don't worry about making an unwanted change to your catalog. Our unlimited undo allows you to reverse previous modifications.

有關 Antram Bulk PowerTools

Bulk PowerTools makes it possible to quickly modify all (or just a portion) of your product catalog in only a few easy steps. Tasks that may otherwise take hours to accomplish manually by hand can be completed error-free in a fraction of the time.

Adjust sale prices. Change regular prices. Modify product titles and descriptions. Our intuitive and easy to use wizards guide you step-by-step through the process of accomplishing your goals. Real-time progress displays ongoing activity. History is logged to an easy to understand and read format. And if you aren't happy with any changes you've made, simply reverse your modifications at any time using our unlimited undo.

Bulk assign or remove sale prices

  • Assign sale prices as a percentage off
  • Assign sale prices as an amount off
  • Assign sale prices to a fixed amount
  • Remove sale prices

Bulk increase or decrease regular prices

  • Increase regular prices by a percent
  • Increase regular prices by an amount
  • Decrease regular prices by a percent
  • Decrease regular prices by an amount
  • Set regular prices to a fixed amount

Bulk change product titles or descriptions

  • Remove text from product titles
  • Replace text in product titles
  • Prepend text (add to beginning) of product titles
  • Append text (add to end) of product titles
  • Remove text from product descriptions
  • Replace text in product descriptions

Unlimited undo

  • Reverse any previous modifications at any time

Smart user accounts

  • Multiple stores per account
  • Multiple accounts per store

Other features & benefits

  • Unlimited usage
  • Select by subset, collection or entire catalog
  • Preview changes before they happen
  • Real-time progress display of ongoing tasks
  • Easy to understand history of tasks performed
  • Quick links to your stores and store dashboards
  • Compatible with all platforms, devices and browsers (iOS, Android and Windows)
  • Free 5-day trial
  • Free product support
  • New features added by request (at no extra cost)
  • Plus more

Let Bulk PowerTools save you time and money. Get started with a free trial today!



定價 5 天免費試用

Tier 1

每月 $1.99

  • All features
  • Adjust sale prices
  • Change regular prices
  • Modify titles and descriptions
  • For stores with up to 250 products / variants

Tier 2

每月 $5.99

  • All features
  • Adjust sale prices
  • Change regular prices
  • Modify titles and descriptions
  • For stores with up to 1,000 products / variants

Tier 3

每月 $9.99

  • All features
  • Adjust sale prices
  • Change regular prices
  • Modify titles and descriptions
  • For stores with up to 5,000 products / variants

Tier 4

每月 $14.99

  • All features
  • Adjust sale prices
  • Change regular prices
  • Modify titles and descriptions
  • For stores with more than 5,000 products / variants

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** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

2.2 5 顆星


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Gloria's Bookstore 美國中文繪本童書專賣

Sorry, I have to say is the app tested before launch? Terrible! I would like to discount on a certain collection for test, then it started to update on all products and I can't even stop. After updating 4000 products, all the prices are all wrong, and the website can't be recovered in 3 hours. I did the removal function trying to restore it, but not that easy. Orders were coming with all the wrong prices. I did lose money in many orders because of this app...sigh.... hope there is no next ME....really cause a lot of trouble...

Xclusive Prints

I'd first to state that the customer service is incredible. Their was couple suggestions i had to make the application better and it was added the day after. After so, i had a problem where i wanted to change a certain image of how it'll look once the items are on sale, and i got a reply within the same day. As i was busy all day and wasn't able to respond, i received another email the day after. Very good customer support. I ended up replying back, and i received a very long detailed message on how to change what i requested. I appreciate it, this makes you realize you pay for what you get. I'll continue using the application as good customer service is always hard to find. Keep up the good job!