Logistics management platform for D2C


Simpler Logistics

Simply install the app and utilize AnyLogi's partner warehouses ・ Real-time status updates ・ Automatic import of order information

Enhance Brand Strategy

Design, produce and package items using customized packaging ・Propose and implement logistics strategies tied with marketing measures

Global and Support

Cross-border fulfillment ・ Full customer support system

有關 AnyLogi

AnyLogi solves logistic challenges to further accelerate your brand's growth

AnyLogi connects e-commerce carts and logistics partners, making it easy for anyone to expand their business.

Five key features on AnyLogi

  • Easy for anyone to start

All you need is just an email address. Simply start using AnyLogi as soon as you send your products to AnyLogi's partner warehouses.

  • Transparent pricing

Reflects actual inventory count in real-time, based on various situations such as orders and returns.

  • Same-day shipping

Automates shipping processes and status management until the product reaches the buyer's hands.

  • Logistics partner network

Scale your operations through our network of domestic and international logistics partners.

  • Expanded functionality that go beyond just delivery

AnyLogi is highly scalable - providing automatic shipment after payment confirmation on e-commerce carts and leveraging on purcahse data for marketing measures.

How to start

There are only two things needed before you can start using AnyLogi - quick and easy onboarding in just 2-3 days

  1. Issue an account
  2. Store your products in our partnered warehouses



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