Order Limits (Min‑Max)

Order Limits (Min‑Max)

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Mini & max order limit on your cart, product, variant and more

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Min & Max order restrictions

You can specify min and max as well as multiple constraints for products, variants.

Prevent Small Orders

Minimum Orders keeps your shoppers from checking out until their cart total reaches a minimum amount set by you.

Easy to setup

No coding required to set up the app. The app will ready to serve you with a few clicks.

有關 Order Limits (Min‑Max)

Simple Min, Max and to set restriction rules or limitations on your Shopify store

Order Limit allows you to define the minimum and maximum product quantities for all products in your Shopify Store. With a simple interface, you can set limits on how few or how many of each product your customers can order. Control customer's checkout to avoid unprofitable orders by order limit. Order limit is the best tool to implement Wholesale limitations.

Define Constraints

OrderLimit also allows you to set minimum, maximum order amounts, weight, or quantities.

You can also set up minimum or maximum spends or minimum or maximum order sizes for your overall order. Also lets you sell a prepackaged set of X quantity.

Limits can be set on:

  • The total dollar value in the cart
  • Total number of
  • Number of product in multiple of X in cart
  • Number of individual items
  • Number of items for a specific product or variants
  • Total weight of the cart
  • Limits based on the product tag etc...

Easy to setup

No coding is required to set up the app. The app will be ready to serve you with a few clicks.

Fully customizable

Adjust the button and other header copy text as per your requirement.

7 Day free full Trial.

We offer a full-access trial for 7 days.


  • Wholesale,
  • Discount

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Les Âmes Fleurs

Fast and great support. Nice app if you need to add whatever kind of limitations. I'll recommand it.


Easy to use, and if you have any questions or problems with your theme, their support team is super quick to reply and help!

The Keto Queen

With the new updates, this app is perfect. It was good before, but now it’s the perfect minimum order app. We couldn’t ask for more.