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Fecha de modificación: 30 de septiembre de 2021

- Poor user experience. - Horrendous product mockups
- You are not able to tell if the products you are printing on are good quality, as they don't have any photos of the products. - Nowhere near as intuitive to use as other apps I tried out this app last year, VERY sad to see they have not bothered to improve the quality of their service.

6 meses usando la aplicación
AOP+ respondió 30 de septiembre de 2021


Thank you for your feedback, I am sorry to hear about this, we are still working on our APP mock-ups and more in the future. We offer a 20% discount on the sample orders as what other users do they order samples for the products they want to sell in their store so they can check in actual the print and product quality. If you need photos from the product, we can request that for you, you may reach our support at We still appreciate your feedback and will make sure to work our best, we know we have improved more when it comes to our process and the application as to compare last year.

Good luck with your business and stay safe!

AOP+ Team

Fecha de modificación: 6 de septiembre de 2019

After a customer's order was shipped back to them, i sent an email to them about the time urgent matter because we are awaiting a youtube video about our product line. 8 days later, no email back. What a great way to show off our product line..

quality is great... Turn around time on receiving an order is excruciatingly painful. Takes 2-3 weeks for any order. Ridiculous. No customer wants to wait that long.

Mystix Co
Estados Unidos
4 meses usando la aplicación
AOP+ respondió 5 de septiembre de 2019


Thank you so much for the review and and we totally understand your concerns. Our standard production time is around 3 to 5 days but depends to the destination shipping time could be different. Please keep in your mind we are in UK. We are trying our best to find faster shipping options for our customers. At least you liked the quality :)

We love you.
Uygar and AOP+ Team

17 de mayo de 2021

This app is pretty easy to use, has a good amount of options but the shipping times (3 weeks and counting) is horrendous. I'll be switching to another company that has better shipping. Luckily it was just a test order back in April 24th but if it were an actual customer I know I wouldn't here the end of it.

Estados Unidos
3 meses usando la aplicación
AOP+ respondió 22 de mayo de 2021

We’re sorry to hear about your experience with the shipping timeframe, we know how important to you and your customers to receive the orders as soon as possible, we investigated what happened to make sure we did not miss anything on our part. I have below the timestamp of the order progress from the start:
April 24th - Order received in our AOP APP
April 27th - Order was paid and was forwarded to our production for processing, once the order is paid only time production process will start.
May 4th - Order shipped within the time frame (5 business days)
May 7th - Our US facility received the order
May 8th - Order passed to the USPS
May 10th - USPS scanned and received the order

Looking at this, the order is with USPS now, as we all know, we do not have control over shipping delays with the courier once we handed over the orders to them, we at AOP make sure that orders are processed and shipped out as soon as we can.

If you need further assistance you may reach our support at