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Bearbeitet am 20. Dezember 2022

I've used various print on demand providers over the years and this company is now at the bottom of my list. Actually, they are no longer on my list as the quality of their print work on sweatshirts is so low that I will never use them again.

I sell my art designs on Gildan sweatshirts every year for the holidays and this year I decided to go with Apliiq because of their excellent reviews and I wanted to automate this portion of my business.

Unfortunately, their print on demand quality, especially on RED GILDAN SWEATSHIRTS, is far from excellent... more subpar and below average. Anything printed white appeared as pink. So my Santa Claus's beard was pink... a pink beard on Santa?! Oh... he had pink eyes too. One person comment how my Santa looked high... that was NOT the look I was going for.

I brought this concern to customer service and they pretty much told me that's just the way DTG is, even though I insisted that my other DTG vendors were able to print white on red without issue.

That was the moment I should have left but I didn't and decided to give them a chance. So I kept them as my supplier and processed over 300 orders with them between October through mid December 2022. Now I'm dealing with customer complaints daily in my inbox and on social media. Every single last complaint was about the print quality. I understand that some of the fabric will bleed through the ink but the amount of bleed through from their printing process was terrible. I offered red, green, black and dark gray sweatshirts and the print quality on all of them were extremely poor but was most noticeable on the red ones. Some of my customers have now requested refunds just from looking at the shirt right out of the package while others have requested refunds due to the art fading away after one wash. I even had one customer who bought a shirt from me 5 years ago and from this year share photos of how the shirt from this year has faded. The 5 year old shirt looks like it was the one just bought.

In addition to the terrible print quality, they ran out of stock on the blanks I needed the most and didn't alert me until well after that fact. This caused me to scramble to find a replacement vendor AND to cancel orders. All in all, I had 22 order cancellations due to them being out of stock.

Other issues were present but were most likely due to the rush of the season. Still, having customers request refunds and shame me on social media all because of Apliiq's poor print quality has put a stain on my business. My customers don't know who Apliiq is so I'm the one dealing with the fallout.

Lastly, their online portal is outdated and does not do a good job of keeping track of the nuances with each order.

If you're only using Apliiq to print your t-shirts you may fair better than me. However, if you're using them to print on sweatshirts for your apparel business... RUN!!!

Shout out to their customer service rep KIM who was the most helpful even though I was not happy with all of the headaches. The one star is for her.
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Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 20. Dezember 2022

Hey Daveia-

The Apliiq crew is terribly sorry and surprised to read your review.

Apliiq exists to create top quality apparel products and our approach is to always partner up to ensure our selling partners achieve the quality they need for their brand and their customers. Of course, this requires understanding on both sides of the partnership.

I understand you spoke to our customer service team.

It's unfortunate that that you didn't take us up on the offer to remake or refund the 7 complaints you received out of the nearly 500 products sent to your customers. While the 1.5% error rate is more than double our standard defect rate, there are so many things we could have done to avoid the situation all together.

A few things to consider;

- You brought up the print quality concern early on before many of your sales came in, the Apliiq team provided you recommendations to improve the print quality, which you didn't do and instead continued to sell hundreds more products.

- Use higher quality base garments to create better printing results. You selected the cheapest hoodie Apliiq offers, you can and should reduce customer complaints by investing in higher quality blank garments.

- Areas of your file that are white, did in fact print white. Update your artwork files to be white if you want the whitest possible print. You have a ton of control in your print file and small tweaks can make big impacts.

- Use real images of your products, instead of computer generated mock ups which don't accurately reflect the product you are selling. Not only will real images convert better, they set appropriate expectations for your customers.

Hopefully we can partner up to get the situation fully resolved for your brand.

Talk soon,
-Apliiq Team

15. Dezember 2022

The product quality is terrible, especially for the price, I ordered 2 hoodies, which ended up being $107, the hoodies took 2 weeks just to ship, and the digital print quality is awful. It looks like it's been worn for a year, it's all faded and cracked, the colors look off and I haven't even washed them yet. Thankfully no one has bought anything from my store yet since I'm just starting out. I tried contacting them twice about why my order was taking so long since it was a very small order and I never got a response back. The tag on the hoodie is faded too and part of my logo is missing. Their website is really bad as well, the design feature is not intuitive at all and very basic. Did I mention their pricing? One hoodie costs 47 just to print (back, front, and sleeves) and the print is all cracked and faded, the hoodie came in the bag with hair and lint on the hoodie. Definitely would not recommend it. I was really optimistic considering all that they had to offer, but Apliiq is not worth it. Wasted my money and time.

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5 monate mit der App
Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 15. Dezember 2022

Hey thanks for leaving a review & sorry to hear about your order. Please book a call to discuss your order, there are so many ways to troubleshoot and improve results for products:

Read the other reviews below about how the Apliiq team will help you get started!!! You need to invest a little bit more of your time and energy to understand approaches that will work for print on demand. I definitely also recommend a new partner introduction meeting, as your partner, our preference is to connect with each selling partner to plan, answer questions, and avoid misconceptions. We are working to make this more obvious when the app is installed in your store.

For example, a few things we noticed;

1) Regarding timing; 11/28 was cyber Monday the single largest day of eCommerce sales of the year. While we want to make and ship orders as quick as possible. You couldn't have picked a busier day to place a sample order. Try to have your collection solidified far before peak sales time, so everything is locked and loaded. You don't want to get started at the peak. Those turn times are not representative of what you can expect the other 50 weeks of the year.
2) All new product orders are reviewed by a human prior to printing, so sample orders do take longer by design. Quality over speed is intentional in sampling.
3) You missed the point of the entire Apliiq platform. We would never recommend a design like the ones in your order. Apliiq specializes in branding and relabeling products. Generally, we don't recommend adding 4 prints to a product as it will cut into your margins and you will end up with a ridiculous cost of goods sold. That is simply not a good print on demand product design. There are many other ways to brings products to life that will create super high quality products at a fraction of the cost to your brand (so you can make money).
4) As our help files state, the private label tag should be your brand logo, and not include tiny text. There is no need to put your brand name & logo in a tiny 1" x 1" space. Brand logo only is the move! 👍

Again, these are all good lessons to learn and we are here to help, just give us the chance...

Don't give up, dig in.
Talk soon,
-The Apliiq Squad

13. Juni 2021

There is a reason apliiq has so many 1 star reviews. Highly disappointed that this company has not improved after 3 years

The Great North
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1. Dezember 2021

I ordered 4 items from Apliiq. My date of arrival was Nov 22nd and it's now Dec 1st. Also not everyone does well with constant virtual customer service. answering your business phone to show transparency would be great. I also never even recieved any tracking information in my email! this is my first time using this company for business and it may be the last. There are too many manufacturers that work at getting packages to customers in a better manner! I'm actually less than 20 miles from the headquarters and I work in Orange County so I would have much rather "will called" my order if they offered that service!

Invisible Trendsetter
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3 monate mit der App
25. Februar 2021

wondering why nobody is speaking on the shipping times. Or should I say production times. They note delays 3 weeks due to COVID, currently I have 5 orders over 40 days, 4 still in production and 1 hasn't even started production yet. The one that hasn't started production was ordered first. Glad I tested the app with my friends buying from my website before actually opening. Quality good, selection great but production time is the worse. If it wasn't for production time, they would get 5 stars easy.

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Bearbeitet am 3. Februar 2021

The app is not user friendly. Adding multiple variants to a product is a process. If you ever download the app and try, you'll see what I mean. I was just trying to start to make some Made in the USA products for my store with them. They offer two products only that are Made in the USA (a hoodie and a T-Shirt). I made a Hoodie with a design that looked great when creating the product but then I pushed it to my store and the mockups had half of the text blurry despite me designing the Hoodie with an image in line with the specs. I then reached out to customer service via their chat and got someone by the name of KIM. She couldn't have been more warped. She was an air head. I'm not being mean either. To put it lightly, she was the absolute worst customer service representative I have ever dealt with in the 3 years my business has been opened. Rather than address my questions, she went off on a tangent even telling me NOT to produce a lot of products at first and that their mockup images are "corny". LOL... what type of company has a worker telling fairly new customers to NOT design a lot of products and that their mockups are corny when they are blurry? Instead of saying we are working on pushing out better mockups or maybe the design is off somehow and you didn't know it and offering to walk me through how the mockups can be better, she just essentially told me to place sample orders to generate business. I said, why would I do that if they might be blurry prints. That's the whole point I reached out to them in the first place. Just terrible. Fire Kim. Get better customer service. Offer more Made in the USA products, Have a more user friendly and functional platform that actually pushes mockups to stores just as they look up on account creation. There is nothing defamatory about this. Everything I said is totally accurate and true. They went from having a customer who was going to increase business with them to completely turning me off entirely to the app/company. Good job Kim. SMH. Of course Apliq then follows up by writing an essay trying to negate all the truth I told in my review even propping up the terrible customer service agent. Unreal! I never asked for your advice about how many products to push to my store. That's the whole point. I wasn't even talking about that...scatter brained company. Sorry but that's the truth. Moving on... Maybe they will get better in a few years or something and I'll forgive, forget and try them again then but for now..not a chance.

American Patriots Apparel
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Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 2. Februar 2021

Hey Steven-

Hope you are well & thank you for the feedback regarding mock up images, usability, and partner experience. We really appreciate your perspective and we completely acknowledge and understand how most other POD platforms work. We do things a little differently, with good intentions and results. I'd like to take a moment to explain further.

There are a ton of places online to create and generate mockups, but we typically recommend that our selling partners utilize real photos whenever possible. We take this reference from most traditional fashion brands and have found that it helps brands tell their stories more effectively online. Taking photos yourself is possible or working with photographers and or other influencers is also great. Great photos convert.

With regards to releasing products, we know many other providers have a "the more the merrier" type of mentality, but we recommend releasing products in small capsules, with limited variants, as it allows you to structure online marketing in a way to generate the most interest for your products and your marketing dollar. In many cases more choices equals less conversions for your store (

We always recommend for our brand partners to order samples prior to selling for a few reasons. It lets you check out the quality first hand to ensure you like what you see and feel before you start to sell. Samples can also be used for real photos as stated above. Lastly, unlike other platforms, we prefer to review your artwork prior to production to ensure you will get what you want. By ordering a sample we can take care of all artwork reviews to ensure everything is set for when your customers order.

We are always expanding the products we offer on the website and will look to make more made in the USA products available this year.

Lastly, terribly sorry about your interaction with Kim, as I'm sure you know, everyone can have an off day. She's been with the company for 7 years and has helped thousands of brand partners with nothing but the highest reviews. I'm certain if you give her the chance she will amaze you with her commitment to excellence and always doing what is right for our partners.

I hope this information finds you well and I wish you and American Patriots nothing but the largest success in the year to come.

God Bless,
-The Apliiq Team

25. September 2020

Extremely slow processing times. I have customers who ordered over a month ago and still have not received their products. This is very bad for business. I would not recommend using them unless you don't care about wait or processing times.

Sexy After Kids Boutique
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Fast 3 jahre mit der App
Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 28. Februar 2023

This review is from the height of the pandemic and is not representative of what partners should expect today.

25. August 2020

I contacted the support team of this terrible service !!! One of the employees started the correspondence with insults! He thought that I would not understand the meaning of this word. He called me a bastard! They do not fulfill the orders I paid for! I have been waiting for 3 months! I have screenshots of the correspondence with this * employee *. I will never use your service again! You are terrible! Because of you, I have a bad feedback as buyers did not receive orders!

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Etwa 3 jahre mit der App
Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 28. Februar 2023

This review was left at the height of the pandemic and is not representative of how Apliiq does business.

19. August 2020

I was so excited when I saw that they had the options for pocket shirts, hoodie liners, custom branding, and the fact that they had a timeline attached to each order..... AAAAAAAND after many many days of transferring all my products to them everything basically fell apart. Nothing is being delivered, over 2 months for something to even get shipped!!! I lost so much money and customers and my brand was hurt because of this... no answers from their team that was relevant, just random "we're doing our best"nothing practical at all! no timeline on when the issue will be fixed, and rude team!!!!!! I switched all the orders into a different provider, and the difference is insane! I don't care about selling pocket t-shirts anymore if all ill get is bad reputation. This was the most stressful time of my business, and all caused by them. DO NOT INSTALL!

Fast 3 jahre mit der App
Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 28. Februar 2023

This review was at the height of the pandemic and is not representative of how Apliiq works today.

13. Juli 2020

Slow service & never any communication. I have 3 orders that are all more than 30 days old, I have sent 7 (yes SEVEN) messages and have yet to receive a response to ONE. Every order that I have keeps getting pushed back. This is not a partnership, but a business that takes your money and hides. I have removed all of their products from our website and would recommend that anyone thinking of using them, look for alternative providers.

Paisley Tiger
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Etwa 3 jahre mit der App
Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 28. Februar 2023

This review was left during the height of the pandemic during an eCommerce crunch and is not representative of how Apliiq does business.