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26. August 2020

60+ day order to delivery - what customer would accept this? I understand they're expanding based on demand, but they really screwed up by continuing to take new vendors and orders.

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Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 28. Februar 2023

This review was left at the height of the pandemic and is not representative of what sellers should expect today.

26. August 2020

Terrible! I still haven't gotten my item I ordered 7 July! They say that orders delayed up to 6 weeks but it's not true. Orders delayed up to 10 weeks! I have placed my order on 08/25/2020 and the estimated fulfillment date is 10/05/2020!! Also, they say that estimated order fulfillment is delayed up to 1 month!! So my customer ordered on 08/25/2020 and will get the order on 11/05/2020? And what about clients from Europe? They will wait another 1 month until the order is delivered from America! Also, a lot of my orders are gifts. Such a situation with all the orders, their customer service is not working as it should! I also use Printful, Printify, and Teelaunch. Their fulfillment times were also delayed due to COVID, but now they are back to normal, only Printful has longer fulfillment times, but not like Apliiq! How long are they going to use Covid-19 as an excuse not to produce and ship? It looks like Apliiq doesn't care and doesn't want to fulfill their orders. They do nothing! I will not use Apliiq for my future orders!!

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Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 28. Februar 2023

This review was left during the height of the pandemic and is not representative of how Apliiq does business.

15. Dezember 2022

The product quality is terrible, especially for the price, I ordered 2 hoodies, which ended up being $107, the hoodies took 2 weeks just to ship, and the digital print quality is awful. It looks like it's been worn for a year, it's all faded and cracked, the colors look off and I haven't even washed them yet. Thankfully no one has bought anything from my store yet since I'm just starting out. I tried contacting them twice about why my order was taking so long since it was a very small order and I never got a response back. The tag on the hoodie is faded too and part of my logo is missing. Their website is really bad as well, the design feature is not intuitive at all and very basic. Did I mention their pricing? One hoodie costs 47 just to print (back, front, and sleeves) and the print is all cracked and faded, the hoodie came in the bag with hair and lint on the hoodie. Definitely would not recommend it. I was really optimistic considering all that they had to offer, but Apliiq is not worth it. Wasted my money and time.

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Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 15. Dezember 2022

Hey thanks for leaving a review & sorry to hear about your order. Please book a call to discuss your order, there are so many ways to troubleshoot and improve results for products:

Read the other reviews below about how the Apliiq team will help you get started!!! You need to invest a little bit more of your time and energy to understand approaches that will work for print on demand. I definitely also recommend a new partner introduction meeting, as your partner, our preference is to connect with each selling partner to plan, answer questions, and avoid misconceptions. We are working to make this more obvious when the app is installed in your store.

For example, a few things we noticed;

1) Regarding timing; 11/28 was cyber Monday the single largest day of eCommerce sales of the year. While we want to make and ship orders as quick as possible. You couldn't have picked a busier day to place a sample order. Try to have your collection solidified far before peak sales time, so everything is locked and loaded. You don't want to get started at the peak. Those turn times are not representative of what you can expect the other 50 weeks of the year.
2) All new product orders are reviewed by a human prior to printing, so sample orders do take longer by design. Quality over speed is intentional in sampling.
3) You missed the point of the entire Apliiq platform. We would never recommend a design like the ones in your order. Apliiq specializes in branding and relabeling products. Generally, we don't recommend adding 4 prints to a product as it will cut into your margins and you will end up with a ridiculous cost of goods sold. That is simply not a good print on demand product design. There are many other ways to brings products to life that will create super high quality products at a fraction of the cost to your brand (so you can make money).
4) As our help files state, the private label tag should be your brand logo, and not include tiny text. There is no need to put your brand name & logo in a tiny 1" x 1" space. Brand logo only is the move! 👍

Again, these are all good lessons to learn and we are here to help, just give us the chance...

Don't give up, dig in.
Talk soon,
-The Apliiq Squad

Bearbeitet am 14. Oktober 2020

July 10, 2020: I have been working with this app for about a month or so. I placed an order for a sample and I have yet to get it. Estimated delivery was 7/3 and today it updated to 7/24?! This happened after I sent a message and yesterday and have never heard back. Sent another message during normal business hours and still haven't heard back... I have started looking at other apps... I am very disappointed! | October 14, 2020: Just as an update, things haven't changed. The last order that went through my website with them was just delivered nearly 3 months later... Their products are a solid 5/5 stars and look amazing! But that's where the 5 stars end... Their customer service is lacking and lead times are way too long.

Oxman Apparel
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Bearbeitet am 25. August 2020

Our orders shipped out 6+ weeks late or never and customer service is totally unresponsive. We understand there are delays with COVID19 but these delays were not articulated at all on their website and their customer service has been terrible.

Cringe Fam Merch
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Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 28. Februar 2023

This review was left during the height of the pandemic and is not representative of how long it takes to produces orders today.

Bearbeitet am 19. August 2020

Updated review again. I had an order put in 7/10/20 and was estimated delivery by 8/8/20 and still nothing as of 8/19/20. I had orders from AliExpress from China that was delivered in 2 – 3 weeks, this company is in LA and the order is for San Diego. It's ridiculous, and of course, there chat with us now always says “Unfortunately, we are offline right now. We will email you as soon as we are back online!”

Update - it has now been 15 hours, no response to my message in regards to this issue, it is no longer after hours and still no response, still can not upload anything, poor customer service. downgraded my review to 1 star now

Has issues when trying to add a product to the website. Their webpage doesn't always seem to be working, and of course, it happens after hours so nobody can respond till tomorrow. Been trying to add products for over 2 hours. I was able to add one but could not add variants so I just deleted the product. Very frustrating as I have all night to work on my site and now I won't be able too.

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Bearbeitet am 12. März 2021

March 9, 2021 - I placed an order on 2/18/21. My customer finally received her order on 3/7/21. When she opened it, it smelled like chemicals so she had to wash it right away in order to wear it. She washed it (per the washing instructions), hung it to dry and realized that half of the graphic had faded. After one wash! It should not show up smelling like chemicals and no one should have to feel cautious about washing something. Now as I am trying to connect with someone, conveniently they don't have a phone number on their site, you have to do a google search. When you call them, due to covid there is no one available to speak. I tried the live chat on their site, conveniently, they are currently offline. I contacted someone on their instagram, and they are saying they can't message me back bc my page is set up to not receive messages. Not true. My page is public and I have no restrictive settings. I tried these people since printful is out of stock for the things I need and that was a huge mistake. As a business owner I put my trust in them and they failed me with the first order. I do not recommend them. March 12, 2021 - Here is an update based on their response and after further communication 1. My shopify store is registered in the Brand name, not my legal name. The fact that the person who responded went out of their way to put my full name out there in the response is disrespectful to my privacy. 2. No body went out of their way to help me. They refunded me and upon my approval said they would remake the shirt as long as I paid for it of course. That is standard practice, not going out of their way. 3. Kim is great! But I was not immediately connected with her. The first few times I tried to connect, the life chat kept giving me the message that the customer support was offline. She did refund me, no questions asked because she had no choice! I sent her a video of the shirt that was received and there were obvious issues. 4. You can claim anything you want about your ink systems and that there are no chemicals. I'm glad there aren't, but my customer said the her item smelled like chemicals and I believe her. So rather than apologizing and looking into it, you are telling me to rest assure? How about an apology and maybe admitting that things aren't perfect and maybe some research needs to be done. Prints will last a lifetime is your claim. long as they are printed properly the first time. Your response was not meant for me, but to cover yourself so you look great and I look like a liar. ..............Now based on communication............ After speaking with Peter, about the issue, he told me about the human error on their end and that the sweatshirt missed a step during processing. I understood that. I told him the situation needed to be rectified, as I have a customer who is waiting to get a new undamaged item. His response was that he already refunded me and that he can either refund me or remake the item based on the payment I had made from the original order, but not both. I hadn't asked for a free item, I simply asked for the situation to be rectified. I was hoping that I would at least get a positive customer service experience in some way to make sure that they get and keep my business. He acted like he was doing me a favor by sending me an invoice via email so that I could re purchase the item. I then received an email from someone on his team that the sweatshirt in the color I wanted was out of stock and he recommended an alternative. I then responded back to ask about quality and cost since the item he recommended was not on the site. He responded back the next morning with this: "Not every product we offer is available on our website, these option is only available for the out-of-stock issues. Also, we are sorry to inform you that 562MR Jerzees sweatshirt is also got out of stock for the same. We recommend you switch to 562MR Jerzees sweatshirt in Khaki color for the same S size." Had he responded in a timely manner and not the next morning, I could have made a decision on the original suggestion. According to Peter he let his team know that there was an issue with my original order, so why wasn't my situation taken care of with more care? Why wasn't the original suggestion put aside so that my order was taken care of properly. There was no real initiative taken. Instead Peter talked his way through the entire thing and excuses were made for his entire team. Why not just find a positive solution after the screw up. Had that happened I would have continued to order from them. At the end of the day I am paying you for a service which I am in turn offering to my customer based on your timeline and expertise. If I can't deliver based on my policies that I have to adapt based on your company then there is no trust on either end. With the lack of real customer service, and the negative experience, I wouldn't order from here again. I hope you treat your next customer better than you did me.

Girl Fight Brand
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Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 12. März 2021

Hey Sapna Gandhi,

Thank you so much for reaching out. Terribly sorry about the manufacturing issue with your one shirt. From time to time mistakes can occur. Since we work exclusively with fashion brand partners, we go out of the way to make it right if any issues should occur.

Connecting with us on live chat is the fastest and simplest way to get any issues resolved. I checked and noticed that you were immediately able to connect with Kim our support rep on live chat, and she refunded you for the shirt, no questions asked.

The ink systems we use are organic, vegan, and biodegradable, they are also non-toxic, non-hazardous and contain no heavy metals. You can rest assured that we use no harsh chemicals in our printing processes. Additionally, prints will last for the life of the garment.

Best of luck with Girl Fight Brand, love the concept!

-The Apliiq Team

9. September 2020

I am so mad at Apliiq.
I have at least 5 orders taken early july that has not been sent yet.
When I try to reach their customer service ........ NO ANSWER.
I am now trying to ask for full refund but I'm pretty sure I won't get anything.
Had to move my entire business to an other POD company which is TPOP. I highly recommend them.

World Wanderer Clothing
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Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 28. Februar 2023

This review is left at the height of the pandemic and is not representative of what sellers should expect today.

1. Dezember 2021

I ordered 4 items from Apliiq. My date of arrival was Nov 22nd and it's now Dec 1st. Also not everyone does well with constant virtual customer service. answering your business phone to show transparency would be great. I also never even recieved any tracking information in my email! this is my first time using this company for business and it may be the last. There are too many manufacturers that work at getting packages to customers in a better manner! I'm actually less than 20 miles from the headquarters and I work in Orange County so I would have much rather "will called" my order if they offered that service!

Invisible Trendsetter
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3. Dezember 2020

Worked with Apliiq for 1+ month, and still, NO PRODUCTS have been shipped. My customers are furious.

MochaPrescribed™ Apparel
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Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 3. Dezember 2020

Hey MochaPrescribed,

I am so sorry about the issue with your orders. We have intentionally been holding them awaiting the completion of your branded woven labels. This is what we do by default to ensure we are shipping the exact design you have setup. It does take some time to setup quality products and I apologize if that wasn't clear to your initially.

I know you have connected with our team since writing this review and we are working to expedite all of your orders to ensure a more timely delivery for your customers.

Please note; once your labels are stocked at our facility you should expect standard turn around times.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding,
-Your Partners @ Apliiq