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13. Oktober 2023

I had great expectations for this energetic, young company, but I'm pulling the plug, and here's why:

1. Lagging Fulfillment and Turnaround Times: The fulfillment and turnaround times were nothing short of disappointing. Countless frustrated customers bombarded me with questions about the whereabouts of their orders. Despite Apliiq's claim of a two-week average turnaround from door to door (still too long), it often stretched to three weeks. At this rate, you risk losing your valued customers, mind you, this is during the less hectic months. I shudder to think what chaos the fourth quarter and holiday season timelines would bring, with a potential wave of irate customers left waiting for their t-shirts.

2. Customer Service Requires Urgent Enhancement: While customer service is somewhat acceptable, it desperately needs improvement. Live chat is agonizingly slow, and email responses are no better. Waiting for a 48-hour turnaround is common, and sometimes I had to send two or three follow-up emails to address a single issue.

3. Mistakes and Blunders: Yes, we all make mistakes, but Apliiq's frequency of errors and the timing of these mistakes is simply unacceptable. Several of my customers received soiled shirts, one received an unraveling shirt and a few received the wrong shirt. The process itself is part of the problem - Apliiq orders the shirts from vendors/wholesalers only after your customers have placed their orders. So, if one of those shirts is defective (which can be often) I'm sure they just print and ship that dirty shirt. An unwieldy business model at best. What are the alternatives? Apliiq suggests pre-purchasing printed shirts from them, so they can ship out quickly. But at that point, why even involve them? The ENTIRE allure of on-demand printing is to avoid such complications!  Alternative #2, Apliiq suggests allowing them to print on ANY shirt they have available and if anyone knows anything about t-shirts, they know that they vary wildly in quality and many of them stink!  

Declining Quality: I periodically ordered sample shirts from Apliiq to check my designs and received shirts with designs printed crooked and poorly printed. My theory is that they're onboarding way too many new shops and can't cope with the volume. And who pays the price? You, as your hard-earned customers walk away.

I had high hopes for Apliiq, but ultimately, they fell short. The team is undoubtedly kind-hearted, but they urgently need to overhaul their processes and logistics. Rapid expansion at the cost of small businesses like ours leads to dissatisfied customers and disappointment. If you're considering Apliiq for your t-shirt shop, think twice.

Red and Howling
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Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 30. Oktober 2023

Ah Amy, thank you for your review. I am happy to fill in more details to provide some context. Most other merchants have no interest in printing their own stuff, so your comparison (to you printing your own shirts) falls a bit short for this type of service. Now for the details:

1) All fulfillment times are posted publicly on the website and they have improved every year of existence for the Apliiq print on demand app. 6 days average across millions of orders. Shipping time with bi-coastal shipments is 2.3 days average. There are always some orders that take longer than the average and some orders that are slower than the average, but that's where things stand.
2) I think any other merchant needs to simply read Apliiq's other reviews to know Apliiq's customer service is second to none. You can talk to a real person, who knows our business intimately, that can and is willing to help you, and genuinely wants your store to be successful. If you send an email on Friday afternoon, yes, it may not receive a reply to Monday am. 95%+ of tickets receive a response within 24 business hours.
3) This is print on demand, mistakes happen, but there were 4 mistakes (which we reprinted at no cost to you) for over 335 orders. That's about 1%, while it's a little over our less than 1% error rate, some of these reprints were for your customers that previously purchased transfers from your store, then were delivered a dtg product for subsequent purchases, because that's how your designs were setup. Also, Apliiq does hold stock for high volume products at each facility, but less popular products are ordered as needed. There are basic rules you can set if a base garment you are using is not available in stock and using a replacement garment is better than cancelling an order in most cases, but again the choice is completely yours to make!

Wishing you the best of luck with your store,
The Apliiq Team

19. Oktober 2021

Software is outdated and frustrating. Orders waiting 10+ days and they didn't even have the blanks to print yet. Out of the 4 orders placed i ended up canceling all 4 because they never got the blank in. No official process for refunds and they said they would charge a 15% restocking fee for orders canceled that they had blanks for. I was able to get in touch with someone when needed so that is a positive for them. Overall just not what I need, might be good for tiny shops who don't have many orders and can babysit them.

Livy Lou Gifts
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Bearbeitet am 27. Juli 2020

Update: 2 star because simply they dont care, specially if you`re small fish! Simply absurd what they are doing! It`s not so simple cancelling orders like they suggested! Extremely disappointed

I've just opened my store and I`ve been impressed with Apliiq since day one! As soon as i got my first sample I was hooked! It was the most perfect embroidery ever! Also the customer service has been spot on, cant complain. The fact that they have a designer to overlook the prints helped me a lot. So far has been an incredible experience and hopefully we will grow together! !!

Tee Hug Shop
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Bearbeitet am 25. April 2022

Customer service is A+. I had some bumps along the way, but Peter has been able to smooth the path for me, and the team of reps have always been polite and helpful. Production has been fast. Faster than I expected. I will say, as an international buyer, I have been a bit frustrated with shipping times. While they do their best to get the product out on time, the shipping to Canada has been quite disatisfying. Hopefully, some new shipping options become available for us in the future.

The Heartbreak Club
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Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 21. April 2022


Super sorry about any delays with international shipping. We are looking for better international shipping options.


Your Apliiq Squad

1. August 2020

Totally disappointed with my order. I just received my Order which waits 15 working days. Order two t-shirts a bella canvas white and a charcoal cali crop, the latter a total disappointment because when they sent me a design for revision I communicated by chat and asked if the white areas would be white on my shirt and they said yes. This crop t-shirt is very thin and has no seam termination on the sleeves or on the bottom. The painting looks watery and poor.

Wepa PR design
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Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 5. August 2020

Thank you so much for leaving your review.

The best way to ensure your orders are perfect is to provide us the exact file you want printed. Of course, as part of your order, we review artwork and try to fix files to get the result you are looking for, however, humans aren't perfect and there may have been an oversight here.

Glad to hear you were happy with the Bella white t shirt.

Apologies you weren't expecting a raw edge on the cali crop top, while it looks obvious to us in the product image, we can fully appreciate how you would expect a finished edge on most apparel products. The raw edge is mentioned in the product description and in the features of the product as well. If you think there is anything else we can do to make this more apparent, we'd love to hear your feedback. I have updated the features to further clarify that this is a VERY lightweight shirt, it previously mentioned it was 3.5oz, but we have provided more details here as well.

Regarding the printing, it's difficult to know what happened without seeing the print, it's possible your artwork file was not a high resolution file, which can lead to poor printing results. I do know that we consistently achieve top notch printing results with our water based, eco-friendly direct to garment printing.

Thank you again for the great feedback,
-Ian Gruber

3. Januar 2021

The company started off decent but has gone down hill since early 2020. The sizes arent correct and the quality is horrible. Not to mention customer service is rude and the time and cost is ridiculous. Took over 2 months to get my order and the size wasn't the correct size. Sent packages to the wrong address and takes longer thab a week to respond to emails. Chat is never available and the phone number just sends you to an auto message.

Millennium Nova
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16. Januar 2021

I designed and ordered two items from this vendor. I also had someone order one item from my store. The product that the customer received was poor print quality... to the point of being an embarrassment. I did not follow up with Appliq - I felt at that point it was a waste of time since it was the first product I had seen from them, and I had already put my own order in for samples, so I wanted to see how it turned out to give me a baseline for their level of consistency. The print quality of the samples I received was 100% better, as expected. I selected branded label tags to be placed on both the garments I'd ordered as a sample. Only one came with a product tag, and it was literally the poorest quality garment tag I have ever seen. So if you go with them, maybe pay for the woven labels? In one of the designs, I had selected the option they offer to remove the white background from the graphic. They did not. The product came with white surrounding the graphic. Both orders were a week or more later than the company communicated on their app when it first updated on my account. As the order progressed, the shipping info was not updated in their app (which would be my minimum expectation), much less emailed. I did have to email them to make sure that it was shipped at all. And this was a week and a half after the expected delivery date. I found their process does not complete the fulfillment of the item on your Shopify store. You have to email them and ask them to close it out - and when you email them, they don't necessarily respond to you - they do what you ask. Which ---thank you, but acknowledgment communication on how to avoid the issue in the future would be appreciated. I still have one order that has been fulfilled that is marked unfulfilled on my store. Lastly, their design platform is not consistent with the design size that you upload, so even if you triple check the file that you upload or upload, it huge to make sure the DPI is ok since the platform apparently is not consistent in reading the file size, you're never really sure if you're on target. I did email about this, but the response was less than helpful, and time is precious. Too many inconsistencies and poor customer experience for me. I wish them the best. So, on to the next...

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Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 2. Februar 2021

Hey Implicit Love,

Hope you are well and thank you for taking the time to leave this review. I'd like to share a couple points below to clear up any misconceptions;

* The app will post the tracking back to your store for your automatically and tracking will be emailed directly to your email. If your orders don't receive automatic fulfillments, I recommend you checkout this quick link:
* Regarding print sizes and files, whenever possible it's best to provide print ready artwork. If you send us a print file @ 10" 300 dpi, it will be printed as such. If there is any ambiguity, it's simple to leave a note with your artwork: A simple note like 10" wide, 3" from the neck is a great description to ensure you get what you are looking for.
* Regarding print quality, different files on different garments will get different results. It's the nature of DTG unfortunately. ( We always recommend to order a quick sample before you start selling so you know exactly what your customers will receive. If you care to provide your order ID, we'd be happy to look into the matter further for you.

Wishing the best success for you and your store,
-The Apliiq Team

Bearbeitet am 22. April 2023

At first glance, i was hopeful: good branding options, and decent selections for hoodies and tees. The first issue i saw, was that some of the models for their products don't seem accurate. Secondly, when you push the product to your shopify store, the image quality greatly decreases to a blur. That would sure turn away customers. But due to their branding options, i thought i could put in the extra work and just use mockups. Though the mockups may not have the right look as the model hoodie chosen.

But none of those things stopped me, i was hoping there would be a better option to printful and others. But someone made an order on April 4. Apliiq contacted me twice to confirm print placement and logo and i confirmed immediately to make sure no delay occurred. Now it's April 10th and the product isn't even pushed to the floor to be printed. Then It's April 14 and i had to contact them. They apologized and said they would accelerate it. Now it's April 18, and nothing. Crickets. By around April 19 it finally gets printed and shipped off. Luckily, i knew the person who ordered the shirt. they liked the print but even they advised me to not use Apliiq, because the wait was too much.

Not to mention, while waiting on apliiq, i ordered 3 samples from Printful and they were printed and delivered a week before Apliiq. Printful isn't perfect either because they don't offer branding on some important products. so it's like choosing between two not great options, but customer satisfaction wins for now.

Now, how am i going to run a business that takes 15 days to put a print on a shirt. I might as well drop ship from Antartica at this point. You know when you really want a company to do well and be the answer but they find a way to screw things up. I had no choice but to delete all Apliiq products and undo all the work i did, because customer satisfaction is the most important thing to me. I could care less about branding options when you are going to take 3/4 of a month just to print a product.
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Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 18. Mai 2023

Thank you for leaving a review!

Just to be clear, your customer had the product in hand within 2 weeks, not 3/4 of a month, as it was delivered on 4/19. I see that there was an internal production error, which caused the delay with this order in particular.

Additionally, we just want to provide information as to what partners can expect with production times, as a single order isn't representative of the true picture.
Average production times for the entire month of April 2023 across all partners was 6.3 days for our Los Angeles factory and 6.7 days for our Philadelphia factory. Average shipping transit times are 2.1 days and 2.2 days respectively for each factory.

With that being said, we acknowledge we aren't perfect and Apliiq is always investing in ways to reduce our production times and fulfill orders as rapidly as possible.

-The Apliiq Team

7. März 2023

Their DTG print quality is a major disappointment. On darker base layers, you can tell they aren't printing the white underlay prior to dropping in color, which means the vibrance of the print is nowhere near what Printful and Printify provide. I still give them two stars because they provide garments that can't be found elsewhere (especially for kids). But if DTG is a major part of your business, Apliiq is not the one stop shop you may be hoping for.

AHCS Spirit Shop
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Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 8. März 2023

Thank you for leaving a review.

Something is definitely not right here. Partners typically rave that Apliiq's printing process consistently gets better results than the other guys. I noticed you haven't sent in any pictures from your sample order, please do. The Apliiq team can make small adjustments in the colors of your file or help you select a garment that will get great printing results. Apliiq always prints a white under base beneath your artwork when printing on non white garments.

Let's get to the bottom of this, it typically doesn't take more than a few minutes,
-Your Apliiq team

31. März 2019

If you are in only in the european market forget about this app.

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Apliiq Inc hat geantwortet 2. April 2019

Hey, thanks for the review. We do ship internationally from the United States. Is there a specific order you are having a problem with?