Apollo Trust Badges

Apollo Trust Badges

Apollo Tide

Gain customer's trust with clean-looking trust badges

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Build trust

Increase customer's trust and make them feel at ease by displaying clean-looking trust badges on your store

Increase conversions

Reduce cart abandonment and encourage your customers to buy your products with confidence

Install automatically

Set up with as little as a single click. No developers or technical skills needed!

Apollo Trust Badges 정보

Simple way to increase customer's trust to boost sales

Users will quickly dismiss a store they don't trust for many reasons (data handling, payment providers, refund policy, and several other reasons), making you lose money and sales. Start gaining your user's trust by showing that your store is secure and reliable with badges and make them buy your products with peace-of-mind.

Mobile-first design

Enjoy full responsiveness to fit your badges beautifully on your website and gain your user's trust through any device, in any resolution.

Easy setup in just 1 click. No developers needed!

Set the badges up as flawlessly as possible with as little as a single click. Apollo Trust Badges will be integrated smoothly in your theme, and you'll be ready to go and start gaining user's trust. So, you can truly focus on where it matters the most.

Fully Customisable

Match Apollo Trust Badges with your store's design using our user-friendly interface. Customise the icons colour, size, alignment, spacing and much more!

You can also choose between 4 different icon styles to truly make the badges as your own; the badge styles are the following:

  • Monochrome card icons
  • Original card icons
  • Original icons
  • Monochrome icons

Place your badges anywhere

With just 1-click copy-paste code, you'll be able to place your badges anywhere you like. Including but not limited to:

  • Product page
  • Cart page
  • Home page


  • Ultra-fast loading times without slowing down your theme
  • Excellent customer support
  • Plenty of trust badges to choose from.
  • Intuitive settings to edit your badge & text settings
  • Margin adjustment to fine-tuning your badges placement
  • 4 different badge styles to choose from
  • Place your badges anywhere in just 1 click
  • Plenty of fonts to choose from
  • Different intro transitions to choose from
  • Request a badge if you couldn't find the right one
  • Concierge setup for custom placement requests.

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  • FAQ
  • 개인정보처리방침
  • support@apollotide.com



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Paola Valadez

So easy to install, great app! I recommend it to anyone trying to build trust with customers. Give it a try :)

Sleek + Swirly

I have this habit of sniffing out apps with lower market responses but come with highly promising reviews. And, Bam! Didn't regret the maneuver. The experience was a breeze, sweet and simple. These icons look modern in simplicity, sleek and crisp. Nope! I'm not being wax lyrical about it because it's free. But seriously? Don't you love em'? Well ok, I can't imagine anyone would be paying for other apps and feeling good about it when you'll get the same quality and perhaps even better with this one. Hey, great job guys! I hope more people will discover your app. Love it!

Petville Supplies

Easy to setup, manage and Free . I highly recommend this app to anyone in need of a great trust badge. Thanks