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1. April 2024

We've been using Searchspring for about 2 years, and love the application. It works seamlessly with Shopify, allows for easy configuration, and has a full suite of features that help us monetize our site search.

We see a 20% increase in AOV and a significant increase in conversion from those who use our search feature run by Searchspring. We love it and plan to continue using it going forward.

Hat Club
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2. April 2024

After integrating SearchSpring into our online store, the difference was night and day. The search function became incredibly intuitive, leading our customers straight to what they wanted - our sales have seen a noticeable uptick since. The dashboard offers deep insights that have been crucial for tweaking our inventory to match customer preferences. Plus, anytime we've needed help, their support team has been on the ball, offering quick and effective solutions. It's not just a tool; it's been a game changer for our business. Easy 5 stars for making our lives so much easier and our customers much happier!

Plumbing Overstock
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25. März 2024

Searchspring is by far the best solution we have found for offering truly helpful search in our Shopify store. They offer features you would expect like auto complete and auto-correct as well as displaying relevant or related terms for any given search. But they also offer a full suite of merchandising features and full control over your search results. They give you great analytics that allows you to tailor your results to make sure your customers are finding exactly what they are looking for. By far the most useful features for us though is the ability to also search your blog and articles pages and display the relevant ones rather than just displaying products. Would recommend.

Concrete Countertop Solutions
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25. März 2024

After trying several alternatives on the market, Searchspring impressed me with its polish level. It is a robust platform with all the needed features that help connect our customers with the things they are looking for.

Their fantastic support team can help you navigate everything and implement custom features you may need. Once you've done their superb onboarding, there is also a large set of tools that we can use to quickly test things out without the need to contact support.

If you are looking for a strong search solution, I would highly recommend Searchspring.

Knifewear - Handcrafted Japanese Kitchen Knives
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25. März 2024

SearchSpring is an absolutely reliable platform with all the functionality that we and our customers need and more! We were able to leverage much in the way of advanced functions and features that our customers have come to love about our site. This, coupled with SearchSpring's wonderful support of our business, they are always available to help us with questions along with business development, testing, etc. Much of what we were looking for and more came standard with SearchSpring, providing us with a significant value. Thanks!

Ruze Shoes
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16. April 2024

Relatively simple platform that's simple to operate day-to-day. Having used other platforms in the past, Searchspring is surprisingly low effort and I can't remember an outage over the past couple of years. Definitely a platform that has a high ceiling and can scale with your business.

Peet's Coffee
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26. März 2024

A couple of years ago we were on a quest to significantly improve the conversion rate on our websites. We researched several options in this space and found Searchspring to be the best option. The technology was easy to implement, the integration team at Searchspring was professional and the service I've received since has been great. Most importantly Searchspring helped us boost our conversion rate above our targets. Very happy with this technology.

BD Diesel USA
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28. März 2024

Searchspring has been an incredible and powerful tool that powers both our search and merch onsite. Implementation was really seamless and the ongoing tech & account support is fantastic. The dashboard is super easy to use and provides really helpful insights and reporting, that help us keep track of trends & search results to better optimise our onsite experience.

It has also immensely improved our merchandising, where we are able to set rules & boosts across different collections, ensuring the best products are served to our customers. Searchspring also powers useful features like product badges, filter menus and in line banners that have really elevated our site.

Couldn't recommend it enough!

Fast 2 jahre mit der App
27. März 2024

Searchspring emerged as our top choice after evaluating numerous search providers, offering unmatched search refinement capabilities and the best customer support which we soon came to experience ourselves.

It enhances site navigation and product discovery, significantly improving the shopping experience for our customer. The support team's readiness to assist with any issue sets Searchspring apart, ensuring a smooth implementation and ongoing optimisation.

Beyond its core search functionalities, Searchspring offers a suite of tools designed to empower and help curate and personalise the shopping journey.

From creating targeted search campaigns to implementing smart product recommendations, these features work together to not only meet but anticipate customer needs. The platform’s analytics also provide invaluable insights, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions that further refine the user experience.

For e-commerce sites aiming to boost search functionality and customer satisfaction, Searchspring is a comprehensive, highly recommended solution.

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23. Februar 2024

Searchspring was a game changer for our website. We use Searchspring to power both search and collection pages. The team has been wonderful to work with both in implementation and as an ongoing partner. Their implementation team matched our site design so you can't tell what is the Searchspring app and what is our site. Searchspring gives us so much more control over search results, allows us to easily merchandising pages, and provides a way to include banners on collection pages. Highly recommend!

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