ApparelPop!: Dropship Apparel

ApparelPop!: Dropship Apparel

by The Doughty Organization

Sell popular licensed apparel! We do dropshipping! USA based!

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the one product i kind of liked is unavalible on all sells channels. All the brands they have are based on movies


I did not authorize the charger to my account and Apparel pop charged my account. I want my money refunded please. the items are not available to me anyway. they state N/A. Not good for the app. Please refund my money and stop billing me.

Kawaii Obsession

There are too many copies of the exact same product but at different prices. There's no way to organize and see which items you've added to your store within the app, which means you're unable to see the price margins of the shirts you've chose once you've added them into your store. Also, you can't add them to your store by a dollar amount rather you have to do it by a percentage margin... so annoying. Not worth the trouble.

Jts Fashion Boutique

Shopify lures you in with promise of good service apps, but they fail to tell you that the products are not allowed to be sold on shopify. So don't waste your time with this app.


Be aware! They have not provided any documentation to Shopify proving they are authorized to sell copyrighted merchandise. Shopify risk team cancelled my payments account. Be also aware that Shopify, are also not good at all because they allow these apps to advertise here, but then they tell you that they are not responsible for any app in THEIR appstore.


I finally decided to drop this app. I sell a lot on eBay and I can't compete with which sells at $3 less, so if I want to compete I will owe this app more money then making money and the $25 a month doesn't help.

I love the app and it's really easy to use but there is no way you can make any money off it.

Ornate Outlet

Some of the designs are kind of cool, but the wholesale price is pretty much above full blown retail, no headroom, no meat left on the bones whatsoever. I swear I've seen the same shirts at Wally World for $5. Not worth the monthly fee.


thieves they just took my money i dont even use ur app becareful with them

And Above All

I am quite disappointed with ApparelPop. The selection of apparel is limited, no sports teams are represented in their mix of licensed products. That alone is a deal buster for me. But the real deal buster is in the price and markup setup along with a $25.00 monthly charge. At an average 50% markup of around $4.00, I would need to sell 7 items a month just to cover the monthly fee. The markup also places the clothing in what I would consider a non-competitive retail market. Given the cost of customer aquisition at about $1.00 my real profit is around $3.00 meaning I would have to sell 9 items per month just to break even. No thank you. I am not sure this would even be a good deal if there were no monthly fee. I installed the app and uninstalled it within one hour.


Pricing is terrible.

At a 50% markup you make about $3-$4 an item. You would need to sell almost 10 items a month just to pay for the app's subscription fee alone. Also after a 50% mark up the items retail prices are at or are nearly $30.... for a t-shirt !!

This company would be smart to offer wholesale pricing to their subscribers that have actual business credentials and/or waive the $25 monthly subscription fee. At the current pricing this app fee it is a total rip-off. Pretty disappointed because this could have been a good app.

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