Order Delivery Date Manager

Order Delivery Date Manager


Order Delivery date & time. Estimated Delivery & Scheduler.

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Select Time and Date

Let customers pick delivery date and time from a delivery date picker on the cart page or product pages for an enhanced shopping experience

Delivery Configurations

Manage order processing time and limit the number of daily orders either for the full day or for the defined time-slots on each day.

Specify Non-Working Days

Add blackout dates on global or product level for customers to view and reduce delivery issues using our delivery date app.

有關 Order Delivery Date Manager

Why AppJetty’s Delivery Date App

AppJetty’s Delivery Date App provides an intuitive backend to help you stay on top of your customers’ orders. Besides, selecting delivery date and time flexible for customers through a delivery date scheduler, it also lets you manage cut-off time for orders, same-day delivery, and customize the delivery date picker. Make delivery date selection optional or compulsory and preset default delivery dates for customers to view with the delivery app.

Noteworthy Features

Date and Time Selection

Decide whether to let customers choose suitable delivery dates and time slots in your preferred format or not by enabling or disabling the delivery date picker from the backend of the delivery app. Display it on product page(s) or cart page.

Restrict Delivery Period

Display the date range available to pick a suitable delivery date for your customers. You can also disable this restriction with our delivery app.

Add Minimum Number of Shipping Days

Add minimum order processing time from the store backend for your products.

Add Cut-Off Time

Add cut-off time to limit the orders on a given day and shift the rest to the next day to manage deliveries better.

Customize Delivery Date Picker

Customize the color and font of the delivery date picker to make its look and feel appealing to engage customers better.

Delivery Comments

Personalize customers’ shopping experience by letting them add delivery comments and notes before checkout with our order delivery date app.

Update Delivery Dates

Admin can assign delivery dates or update customer selected dates from the backend through the delivery date scheduler app and streamline order management.

No-Contact Delivery

Offer your customers the freedom to choose the ‘No-Contact Delivery’ option on the cart page.

Enhanced Shipping Configuration

Add shipping configuration on global and product level. Limit the number of daily orders either on a full-day basis or a time-slot basis. Set the maximum number of orders to be placed in a given time-interval on a day. Configure different order processing time for individual collections and non-working days.

View Delivery Calendar

View a comprehensible calendar view with order listings for the full month. Click on a given date to view orders and statuses. Change the status to ‘Delivered’ for the fulfilled orders. Add delivery date and time along with its status as tags to the order list.

Order Management

Define the first working day of the week. Show delivery date on order Thank You page and email.

Print Packing Slip

Print packing slip with delivery date and time for a quick view of the details.


  • POS,
  • zipcode validation,
  • calender

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  • Date & Time picker on cart or product page
  • Multiple time slots
  • Cut off and Order Limit
  • Order Tagging
  • Reach support for custom features



  • Free for Shopify development store.
  • Free until you do not choose any Shopify billing plan.

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5.0 5 顆星


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Een Order delivery date is cruciaal voor mijn website en na tot nu toe 3 gelijkaardige apps te hebben uitgeprobeerd is Order Delivery Date Manager de beste geschikt dankzij de Processing Days Setup per product functie die de app biedt. Het is zeer voordelig ook! De enige opmerking dat ik heb is dat als ik de Processing Days Setup per product wil gebruiken ik de Order Delivery Date Manager niet op mijn cart page kan laten verschijnen, alleen op de product page. Wat niet zo handig is als mensen meerdere producten in de winkelwagen toevoegen. Het zou geweldig zijn als dat zou veranderen.
De support is ook geweldig. Er ontbraken een paar features en de support heeft die heel snel toegevoegd voor een optimaal gebruik.
Thanks guys and keep up the good work Arber Jakupi



Hello Arber,

Thanks for giving us an amazing review!

We are glad that the Order Delivery Date Manager helped you to achieve your desired results.

Also, we appreciate your suggestions on the capability to keep Delivery Date Picker at the cart page, when the configuration has been set at the product level.

we will surely update this in our backlog and prioritize this.

Please feel free to approach us in case of any concerns!

The Indoor Plant Co

These guys are really helpful, getting me get set up and making custom amendments. Thanks for being so communicative and helpful!



Dear Amy,

Thanks for giving us an amazing review!

We really hope our "Order Delivery Date Manager" app works as per your expectations.

Also, we totally appreciate your suggestions on feature improvements of "Order Delivery Date Export", which would really help our other merchants as well.

Have a wonderful day ahead!


There was some bugs with my shopi template and they solved in a few hours. Super customer service! Totally recomended.



Dear Albert,

Thanks for using our "Delivery Date Scheduling App"

We are delighted to hear that you had such a great experience with our product.

Let us know in case of any concerns.

Have a great day ahead.