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2 mars 2023

I would not recommend this app, mainly for the customer support.

I ask the app's customer service if there was a way I could test the premium plan on a development store without having to approve the charge. They told me it was not possible but that I could pay for it, and if I did not like it I could ask them for a refund since they had a 30 day money-back guarantee.

I pay for the plan, tested the app for less than 1 hour, decided that it was not what I was looking for, and proceeded to ask for the refund. Now the app's customer service is telling me that I should talk to Shopify directly, and I have been trying to get the money back for a couple of days.

In this sense, I felt misled by the app's customer support, they made it look like it was easy to get a refund if I didn't end up using the app for my production store, but it has not been true so far.

Entreaguas Wearable Art
6 dagar användning av appen
Propel Commerce svarade 2 mars 2023

Hi Camilo,

We're sorry to hear that it wasn't clear to you that the refund would be coming from the Shopify Support Team as they handle the billing charges. Shopify only allows us to refund app store charges once they're posted to your bill which can take several weeks. To ensure your refund is processed immediately, we recommend reaching out to Shopify directly.

We were happy to give you an exemption and let you try all the paid features and guarantee a refund if you didn't like the app. I can see that you still have our app on your store.

Please be patient and wait for the Shopify Support Team to refund you. Then please uninstall our app if you didn't find it useful.

- Leo @ Propel Commerce

25 juni 2022

it ruined my website and I will never use this app again. it erased everything from the home page of my website.

Mystical Living Sacred Wellness
Ungefär en timme användning av appen
Propel Commerce svarade 25 juni 2022

Hi there,

We're sorry to hear about the problems you're experiencing, however Propel Appointments does not make any changes to your theme. We use Shopifys theme app extension technology which allows our app to work without theme changes.

Also, Shopify activates our app on your product page only - not the homepage.

Propel Appointments did not cause this issue, however if you contact our support, we'll be happy to help you locate the cause of the issue and resolve it.

If your homepage settings were lost, did you install a new copy of your theme? That can cause the issue you're describing. Publishing the old copy of your theme should bring your homepage back.

- Leo @ Propel Commerce

4 februari 2023

Very disappointing. The developer was very unhelpful with the cart integration. It had issues with the shopping cart display and he refused to assist me. Never encountered this before with any other app integration. Not prepared to pay for this app.

Grace - Sacred Space
Ungefär en timme användning av appen
Propel Commerce svarade 4 februari 2023

Hi Tanya, we're so sorry to hear about the issue with your theme's Cart page!

Your store theme developers should be able to fix it easily. We can have our developers try to fix it for you.

If you're willing to try with us, we have sent you a follow up email.

Please let us know so we can send you an access request to your store theme.

- Leo @ Propel Commerce

25 juni 2022

Pretty useless, I installed it to see how it works and it messed up my theme. Avoid!!! Tried to speak to support but they were asking useless questions. Not helpful at all.

БГ Село Shop
14 minuter användning av appen
Propel Commerce svarade 25 juni 2022

Hello there,

For other merchants reading this, this shop's issue was not related to Propel Appointments. Here's what happened:

1. This merchant changed their shop to Bulgarian.
2. This merchant's theme, Impulse theme, did not support Bulgarian, and translation errors appeared on their shop.
3. We brought in a developer, on a Saturday, and they created a new Bulgarian translation file for this merchant's theme.
4. With the new translation file in place, the translation errors went away.

Despite repairing this merchant's theme for an issue unrelated to Propel Appointments, they've decided to leave this review up.

We're disappointed by this, but on a more positive note, we're proud of the amazing work our support and development team did, on a Saturday, to resolve this merchant's issue.

- Leo @ Propel Commerce