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Approach - AI Email Campaigns  by LimeSpot

Approach - AI Email Campaigns by LimeSpot

Developed by LimeSpot

19 reviews
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  • Personalized Email Campaigns - Engage more customers and sell more by showing them the products they are most likely to buy
  • AI Powered Auto-Segmentation - Automatically segment your shoppers based on browsing behavior and purchase patterns
  • Real-time analytics - Track your audience through your sales funnel (from email open to add-to-cart and finally the purchase)

Last update: Mar. 2018

Why Approach?

  • Reach exactly the right people:

    Approach uses your store’s data to automatically segment your shoppers into meaningful groups at certain stages of their shopping experience (i.e. New Customers, First Time Buyers, High Spenders, etc.) to target them at the right time.

  • Intelligent Recommendations powered by data:

    We analyze each shopper’s behaviors and purchase history to learn about them and carefully curate the right products for each individual based on their demographics, interests and behavior patterns. Personalized picks showcase what’s most likely to appeal to each shopper at each point in time and reminds them of products they may have considered in the past.

  • Unique messages for unique Shoppers:

    Combining the automatic segmentation with the power of personalized recommendations delivers the right product to your shoppers at the right time, resulting in the highest email marketing conversion rates.

  • Analytics and Dashboard:

    Campaign results and recipients' reactions are tracked and intelligently processed to present a multidimensional view on each campaign and its performance.

  • Seamless Audience Growth:

    3rd party Shopper Profile Collection Tools and Apps are automatically integrated into the app to grow your shoppers database and allow targeted outreach.

  • And finally:

  • Unlimited Free Subscriber List(s):

    Never pay a monthly fee for your subscribers. With our adaptive pricing you only pay for the number of emails you send each month. The more emails you send in a month, the lower each email costs.


  • Free and unlimited number of subscribers and lists

  • 500 Free emails each month

  • Pay only for emails you send each month. The more you send, the lower each email costs

  • What Approach Does

    • Approach's technology understands your products and your shoppers, so you can easily create marketing campaigns personalized for each customer by displaying any of the following categories directly in your marketing emails/newsletters:

      1. Most Popular Products (Storewide or within a Collection)

      2. Trending Products (Storewide or within a Collection)

      3. New Arrivals (Storewide or within a Collection)

      4. You May Like

      5. And more …

    • Approach automatically distributes your customers into the following segments based on their browsing history and purchase patterns:

      1. Active Recipients

      2. First Time Buyers

      3. Occasional Buyers

      4. Frequent Buyers

      5. Low Spenders

      6. Medium Spenders

      7. High Spenders

      8. And more …

    • Approach seamlessly integrates with the following 3rd party Shopper Profile Collection Tools and grows your customer database:

      1. Privy

      2. PixelPop

      3. Wheelio

      4. Shopify Email Popup

    • Approach analyzes your campaign results and tracks your customers' interactions to provide a multidimensional performance and analytics dashboard.

      1. Email Open Rates

      2. Email Click Rates

      3. Locations

      4. Activities

      5. And more ...

    How to use Approach

    • Click on "Get" above to install Approach in seconds.

    • Approach installs automatically and directs you to the on-boarding wizard.

    • The on-boarding wizard welcomes you to Approach –– any further guidance is a click away through our Help Center.


    For questions and support please see our Help Center, or
    contact us.

Approach - AI Email Campaigns by LimeSpot reviews

19 reviews
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I just started using the Review Approach - AI Email Campaigns by LimeSpot app and it works wonderfully with my current Personalizer - AI Recommendations app by LimeSpot. I highly recommend this app for integrating personalized product recommendations within your emails. The pricing is convenient as well, as it is free, until I open my store and begin making sales. The customer service is great too, Michelle was very pleasant and willing to help.

Thank you,
Stacey Hayes
The Gifted Moon Goddess


This app has helped us become the number one store in our niche outperforming all of our competition. We highly recommend it!


Good application, very easy to use. Very good support too. I recommend


Great app works as it claims. What set s this app apart is the lower price point and how easy it is to use.



Great app! Pretty easy to follow once you play around with it. Emails Look great on both PC and mobile. I had a technical query and my query was responded to swiftly and dealt with thoroughly until resolved. Don’t think I’ll be using another email app again! Also prices per email add cheap! 5*!


Awesome app with great analytics. Seeing the clicks, purchases and any activity of my recipients in my store makes it much more amazing. Their new updated UI is very easy to use and great new templates. Keep up the good work in updating your apps! :)


I am a huge fan of Limespot Personalizer and now limespot Approach email marketing. We've only been on board for 1 campaign, but so far - the tight integration with our shopify customer database and their purchasing habits is simply fantastic. The campaign editor is one of the easies to use visual editors I've ever used as well. Truly fantastic so far!


This app is great. I was able to quickly set up a dynamic email that showcases different products based on rules that looks good on all devices and was really easy to test. I had an issue testing due to a bug. Support quickly assisted me in resolving the issue and advised they will fix the bug. So far it seems better than MailChimp.


Just getting started, but so far I'm liking this app. Been using MailChimp for a long time, but it's expensive and I've always found the design process cumbersome. Some nice things about Approach: 1. Tight integration with Shopify, so choosing an item automatically populates it with that product's image, data, links. 2. The fact that you can make individual design elements mobile-reponsive or not. I've always hated the fact that no matter how nicely designed your email is, when it shows up on a phone the design just disappears and every product becomes huge and listed in one long column. Approach's design options give you much more fine-tuned results. Also, I pointed out a problem with their interface on Safari and they got it fixed pretty quickly. Keep up the good work!


Originally I loved this app but it has been turned off for 2 months now and on chceking today...STILL turned off. Now deleting...

From $0.00 / month

Our adaptive pricing is only based on the number of emails you send each month. Visit our Pricing Details here.

✔ Free unlimited number of subscribers
✔ Enjoy 500 Free emails each month
✔ The more emails you send in a month, the lower each email costs

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