Approach by LimeSpot

Approach by LimeSpot

by LimeSpot Solutions Inc.

AI-powered Targeted Email Campaigns and Newsletters

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Chizmiiz Boutique

Awesome app with great analytics. Seeing the clicks, purchases and any activity of my recipients in my store makes it much more amazing. Their new updated UI is very easy to use and great new templates. Keep up the good work in updating your apps! :)

Flavour Crafters Inc.

This app is terrible, if I could go lower than 1 star we would. We used it to announce the launch of our shopify store. We sent a newsletter to our client 5685 and subscriber base we've been developing since 2010 without problems, both with volusion and mailchimp. The first newsletter sent by limespot was automatically flagged as spam by their system which resulted in our active customers and subscribers emails flagging newsletters from us as spam automatically. Limespot suggested we get them all to go into spam folders and manually remove us from their spam list. This is very damaging to our business. We have uninstalled them as a result, and are very concerned about the lasting damage to our ability to communicate with our customer base. If you value your ability to communicate with your valued customers do not install this app!

To reply to your reply to my review: You have 15 5 star reviews that all appear to be written by your own staff, and about 7 written by clients, 4 of which are 1 star, 1 is 2 stars and only 2 gave you 4 stars. The rest are very fake looking, the only one that shows a domain looks like it was their test store, for which they choose sex toys. You have multiple complaints about the same issues, but you blame them on your customers. Ive sent monthly newsletters to that many customers once a month for 8 years, never had a single issue until I used your service to do it. Only logical conclusion is you did a poor job on your app, and you obviously do not stand behind it as you constantly blame its errors on your clients. Terrible app, worse developers as they do not take responsibility for the glitches and problems with it. They don't care to fix them because its easier to blame the problems on their customers. Well you lost another customer. You also lied,this has done damage to my domains ability to send emails. I have written statements from close to 30 customers saying our emails now show up in their junk mail. Im half tempted to talk a law firm. Id recommend Omnisend, its where we went to and it does work... That is all I wanted from you, a working app to use for my lively hood. Thankfully we've found that works as advertised.

Developer reply

April 26, 2019

We are very sorry that you had this really bad experience with our app. The reason you were blocked by our email provider (SendGrid - which is one of the largest in the world) is that you sent a first campaign to thousands of people with invalid links and a lot of text which looked like an unsolicited spam that was blocked by major email providers. Your account was market as 'Fraudulent', based on their internal system flagging logic and higher block rates. We reactivated and reset your account so you can rebuild your email reputation with our help. Please note that this does not have any effect on your store or domain in general, and is only in our context, therefore it is not affecting your reputation for sending emails in the future using other tools. These are industry standards for any email marketing apps.


Good for email marketing but buggy. We saw the app shaking a lot especially when you want to click test email or preview.

Revised review:

I can solve the shaking problem by zooming out the app.

Solid Cup

Great app, they will help you setup your campaigns and maximize the apps potential.

Moon Goddess Gifts

I just started using the Review Approach - AI Email Campaigns by LimeSpot app and it works wonderfully with my current Personalizer - AI Recommendations app by LimeSpot. I highly recommend this app for integrating personalized product recommendations within your emails. The pricing is convenient as well, as it is free, until I open my store and begin making sales. The customer service is great too, Michelle was very pleasant and willing to help.

Thank you,
Stacey Hayes
The Gifted Moon Goddess

Bricks Masons

This app has helped us become the number one store in our niche outperforming all of our competition. We highly recommend it!

D P Shoppers

Good application, very easy to use. Very good support too. I recommend

Kinkytoy Shop

Great app works as it claims. What set s this app apart is the lower price point and how easy it is to use.

A Shu

Great app! Pretty easy to follow once you play around with it. Emails Look great on both PC and mobile. I had a technical query and my query was responded to swiftly and dealt with thoroughly until resolved. Don’t think I’ll be using another email app again! Also prices per email add cheap! 5*!

The Christmas Light Emporium

I am a huge fan of Limespot Personalizer and now limespot Approach email marketing. We've only been on board for 1 campaign, but so far - the tight integration with our shopify customer database and their purchasing habits is simply fantastic. The campaign editor is one of the easies to use visual editors I've ever used as well. Truly fantastic so far!

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