Create and track order approvals with staff names

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Better Order Quality

Use the approval button as an extra step to ensure a quality check was done before or after completing an order

Shortcut to Save Time

Save time by approving and tagging an order in a single action. No need to leave Shopify or use spreadsheets

Use Staff Names

Optional field to add your name while approving an order. Helpful to see approved orders by staff name

Approovly 정보

Why do I need this app?

Better the quality of how your team handles orders by adding an approval button to each order. Useful to know who's approved the order and what datetime the order was approved.

How this app works

Once the app is installed there is no setup required. Orders created within the last 60 days will have the 'Approve Order' action in order details. This custom action will tag the order and create an approval entry with the order number, datetime and staff name.

Email notifications

Configure an email recipient to receive email notifications when an order has been approved.

Custom Order tag

Set your own custom tag, the default is "Approved"

Export in CSV

All approved orders can be exported in CSV format. You can download up to 1000 rows at a time. A great way to share approved order data with your team or 3rd parties.

Filtering Data

You can filter approvals by order number which is helpful to track down a single order.

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$39.99 Paid Plan required to approve more than 50 orders per month

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