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4 juni 2024

Honestly I can't recommend this app as it stands, not if you have other options. I am using appstle subscriptions app (would recommend, very good) and this is the only loyalty app that applies points for subscription orders (we don't want to use Recharge anymore).

I believe it will meet our needs in the end, but the setup is such a hassle; everything has to be done individually, you can't apply universal branding/logo/images across all the different customer email templates, widgets, etc. And the wording on the template content is often strange or incorrect - so again you have to update everything individually (you'd probably want to update to brand style anyway, but if you wanted to get up and running quickly you can't rely on the original template content as a starting point).

I did a trial with Smile before realising the subscription orders couldn't be awarded points and the setup is 100 times easier.

You get a quick reply from the help desk so that helps. Overall I think it's a new app and they haven't really set it all up well enough yet. Hopefully anyone choosing it in future will have an easier run!

City Survivor
Verenigd Koninkrijk
6 maanden gebruiken de app
Appstle Inc. heeft geantwoord 5 juni 2024


This is Ria, the co-founder of Appstle. I am sorry that you had a less-than-stellar experience with our Loyalty app. I have reviewed your past conversations with our support team. I want to assure you that we keep improving our app continuously and many times in real-time, based on merchant feedback.

We have already added Universal Settings, although it does not yet support all the fields. We are working on adding support for more fields, and you will see them available in the next few weeks. We will also be releasing a newer email template version very soon.

I can schedule your call with our Merchant Success Head, who will ensure your Loyalty app is perfectly set up per your requirements. Please email us at to schedule a call. Even though Appstle Loyalty is relatively new, it’s more tunable than many other apps in this category :) And thank you for your long time trust on Appstle Subscriptions!

11 juni 2024

I used Appstle for six months. Customer service was responsive and helpful. The app wasn't too crippled in its price tiers. Uptime was 100% as far as I could tell. I was pretty happy.

But adding 800 lines of code to every page on my website did not make me happy. This was without even running the widget. This little app made up 30% of the code on every page. That's not great for seo. It is excessive and clumsy. It also added a backlink on pages without my permission. I asked if I could remove any code and was told that it was 'essential'. What are 800 lines of code essential for if I'm not running the widget? All the loyalty calculation happens at checkout.

It's a cautionary tale and I should have checked this at installing. Still, Appstle has a responsibility to be lightweight and to not take advantage of the domain authority of their hosts.

Now that Flow can use javascript to make graphql call I can build my own internal points system.

Press Vinyl Cafe
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Appstle Inc. heeft geantwoord 12 juni 2024

Dear Merchant,

I'm Ria, the co-founder of Appstle. I apologize for the inconvenience you experienced with our Loyalty application. We've recently made significant optimizations to our widget. It now loads only when clicked, ensuring minimal impact on your site's performance. In fact, we've tested the new code with Google Lighthouse, and it doesn't affect your website's score at all.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could give it another try. Please reach out to me at, and we will have a Senior engineer help you hands on with the setup.

31 januari 2024

It's "ok". Two problems we came across:

(1) We signed up for a trial based on Appstle website stating that it has Store Credit as a feature (see their pricing matrix). It doesn't.

(2) We wanted to automatically award points when a customer signs up for the loyalty program. Problem is, this doesn't happen when the user is already a customer. It ONLY awards points when the person is new entirely (not a customer). 99% of our loyalty program signups are AFTER the first sale takes place, so this feature doesn't work for us. Customer support regard this as "expected behavior". I don't. So we're going with another loyalty app.

Sienna Wolf
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9 dagen gebruiken de app
Appstle Inc. heeft geantwoord 12 februari 2024

Dear Merchant,

This is Ria, the co-founder at Appstle. I apologize for the less-than-stellar experience with our Loyalty app. The 'user behavior' and 'points awarding' rule you have mentioned can be achieved, and our development team has already implemented it after receiving your feedback.

Regarding Store Credit, store credits are generally given as a refund or gift and can be done using Appstle Loyalty. If you have any specific use cases to achieve around store credits, I would love to hear it, and we will try to implement it if possible. Our CPO had also reached out to you separately regarding this.

Please reach out to us at if you would like to give us another chance, and we will assign an experienced engineer to help you with the setup.

Bewerkt 23 januari 2024

Updating to 3-stars for a prompt attention from Appstle Customer Service and changes made to the app based on issues we identified. We are standing by for additional changes as discussed (e.g. activity/audit log) that will make this app ready for primetime, at which point we will reconsidering implementing this app for our store.

Patriot Shave
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Appstle Inc. heeft geantwoord 20 januari 2024


Ria here, the cofounder of Appstle. Thank you for the feedback. And Thank you for your continued trust on Appstle Subscriptions.

We are working on adding the features you mentioned for Appstle Loyalty on high priority. The Activity Logs is already in the works, and should be ready soon. We will keep you informed. Feel free to reach out to me anytime at or We are available 24x7x365.