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22 de agosto de 2023

They have really nice support staff who try to help. But after two days and a number of different people I have given up trying to get this app to work on my site. I have had to repeat my issues multiple times as new people keep jumping in and while I tried hard to make this app work the support teams suggestion for a call after I have spent over 8 hours try to get basic features to work i just have to give up on it.

Rebellious Unicorns
1 día usando la aplicación
4 de marzo de 2023

DOES NOT have a bulk products action to add to the Membership Offering Perks area!
A product has to be selected one at a time which is VERY time-consuming as each variant is a new item to the perk plan!!! (
3 días usando la aplicación
Appstle Inc. respondió 5 de marzo de 2023

Dear Merchant,

This is Ria, the cofounder of Appstle. Though, we haven’t exposed bulk functionality to merchants (as it’s not needed by every merchant), we have an internal utility that can help with bulk association of variants.

Please ping us via the chat widget or email us at for a walk through.

27 de abril de 2023

Terrible support! Once you email some answers back quickly saying hello. but then take hours to reply. the app is ok. but features are the best, Once customers sign up their aren't any automated emails or options that alert them of their perks. You can't update funnel once live. So if you want to change the payment cycle you can't .

Asia Penelope Collection
1 día usando la aplicación