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Bewerkt 28 november 2022

This is an update on my initial review. Before signing up with Appstle, I was using another membership app that lacked a feature that my customers requested. Appstle offered that feature so I switched apps. That was back on August 1st, 2022. It is now the end of November. At first I thought everything was fine, but I was very mistaken. There was one issue after the other. I would always contact their customer service via Chat and they would respond in a timely manner, but wouldn't completely fix the problems. Issues continued on and on for 3 months with no satisfactory resolutions. Customers were being double billed (even after they cancelled their membership!), they were being billed the wrong amounts, the wrong billing intervals, non-members were continually able to access products that were supposed to be restricted and only accessible to paid members, customer tags weren't being removed once a customer cancelled their membership so they were able to continue accessing restricted collections/products even after they no longer paid for the membership, and the list goes on. Another downside to using this app was that I had to force a connection with Stripe as my payment gateway. In the US (my location) Shopify doesn't support Stripe payments and therefore my payment gateway options were limited. No shop pay, shop installments, Shopify capitol offers, etc. I gave them 3 months to fix everything. They were always responsive and professional, but completely failed to fix anything. As a result, my business sales tanked. Members were cancelling and frustrated with the continued, unresolved billing issues. My business's reputation as being one of the top, go-to stores in my niche was at serious risk. This app almost cost me my entire business, which I've worked so hard to build. Let my disastrous experience serve as a warning to others.

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Appstle Inc. heeft geantwoord 5 augustus 2022

This is Ria, the co-founder of Appstle. I have gone over your tickets and did not find any recent reach-outs. Also, all your previous tickets seem to have been fixed, with our CTO himself being involved in the last one.
Happy to have a chat with you to personally go over any other concerns you may have. You can email me