Pre‑Order Customizer

Pre‑Order Customizer


Professionally built easy to use Pre-Order management solution

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Pre-Order Management

Easily manage your sold out or yet to be released products by showing them as Pre-Orders or any other message and increase your sales.

Customize your Pre-Orders

Easily customize your Pre-Orders offerings by changing buy button text or color. Also you can create an availability message of your choice.

Time your Pre-Orders

This feature in our app also allows you to set a start and end date for your products in Pre-Orders.

有關 Pre‑Order Customizer

What & Why Pre-Order Customizer?

Every store owner would love never missing their sales and being online gives you the capability of having your sales channels optimized. If you have products that are sold out or have products releasing in the future for which you would like to accept orders, then simply use this app to enable Pre-Orders. Once Pre-orders are enabled, customers would be able to place their orders and wait for its availability.

How will this App help me out?

For online stores, a lot is happening at any moment of time and to manage your sales you need easy solutions. Most sales on online stores are lost due to unavailability of products. If products on your store get frequently sold out and can be made available in some time or you may have products that are yet to be released, then this app is for you. This app will make sure to always capture sales for Unavailable/soldout products that would have been lost otherwise.

No developer needed!

Pre Order Customizer works right away once installed. If you may face any issue please chat with us, and we will have your issue resolved in 24 hours time.

Features of Pre-Order Customizer.

  • Easily select single or bulk products you would like to set a Pre Orders.
  • Easily edit Pre Orders in the app with our simple user interface.
  • Customize your Availability Message for Pre Order products e.g ("Coming Soon", "Releasing Soon").
  • Change text or Color for your Pre Order Button.
  • Set a start and end date for your Pre-Orders by using our timer feature.
  • Customize your badges by changing text or color.
  • Customize your tags which will appear in customer's shopping carts when a pre-order product is selected.
  • This app works with most themes on Shopify, if you face any issue please contact us and we shall resolve it at no extra cost.

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1.0 5 顆星


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Smart Home Gadgets

Paid for the app, but the app features do not work. Tried contacting App Developer multiple times and unable to get a hold of them to fix it. Will consider removing this app if it is not fixed.


The app won't even install - great start ! contact me and I'll change the review once you have fixed this