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  • Automated B2B credit management
  • Extend payment terms to your customers without any A/R or credit risk
  • Cutting edge procurement tools for your online buyers

Corporate account automation for you and your business customers

With Apruve, managing your business accounts has never been easier. From credit approval and financing, to account set up, invoicing, and payment, Apruve manages your corporate accounts and ties them directly to your online store.

Extend Terms Without Any Risk

Your customers want to pay on terms, but you don't want to take on the risk. With Apruve, your customers get to check out now, but pay later, and you get paid within 24 hours of any invoice being generated.

Corporate Accounts

Offering your customer a corporate account is a smart sales tool. It binds you closer to your customers, builds trust, and drives repeat purchases. Sellers can structure their corporate account program in a number of ways including End of Month Net 15 with consolidated invoicing, Net 30, or a custom program of your design.

Buyer Credit Approval

Your customers fill out a co-branded Apruve-hosted credit application online. Apruve issues real-time credit line approvals up to $50K or up to $1M in around 1-2 business days.

Buyer Procurement Tools

Customers can set up multiple authorized buyers or facilitate purchasing approval workflows between shoppers and payers using Apruve. Their Apruve dashboard gives them a real-time picture of their business relationship with you.

Easily Manage Your Business Accounts

Your Apruve dashboard makes it easy for you to see how and when your customers pay their bills, monitor cash received from generated invoices, issue returns, manage and communicate with customers, and more.


Corporate Account Management:

$99/month + $5/active acct/month

Invoice Processing Fee: 1.50% or 1.25% + $3/invoice*

  • Businesses can pay on terms

  • Customize your program - Net 30/45/60 or End of Month Net 15 where all invoices are consolidated for a single payment

  • Customers can set up as many authorized buyers as they like

  • One click, no-pay checkout for your customers

  • Automated payment reminders

  • Onboard unlimited existing business accounts for free

  • *Fee adjusted based on average order size

Credit Management & Financing:

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Financing rates can vary by the terms you offer, your industry or your seller profile

  • Everything in "Corporate Account Management", plus...

  • Risk free financing - all invoices created on terms are paid out to you within 24 hours.

  • Branded online credit application

  • Automated buyer credit approval up to $1M

More information on pricing can be found here.


How do I get started?

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Installation documentation can be found here.

How do I onboard new and current customers?

Check out our Onboarding page here.

*Only US Transactions Are Supported At This Time

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