Apteo: Increase Repeat Sales

Apteo: Increase Repeat Sales

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Grow repeat sales with data-driven marketing and analytics

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Grow Repeat Sales

With Apteo's cross-sell and repeat purchase recommendations, you can target customers with the products they're most likely to buy next.

Personalize Your Marketing

Activate dynamic email campaigns, identify optimal messaging, and set up hyper-targeted emails based on A.I.-generated personas & segments.

Increase Lifetime Value

Predict CLV, identify product journeys, and segment customers so you know exactly how to speak to each customer to keep them coming back.

Sobre Apteo: Increase Repeat Sales

Sell More To Your Existing Customers

Want to find customers that are ready to buy more?

Apteo is a complete automated retention marketing and analytics tool for ecommerce. We use A.I. to show you which customers are likely to buy which products next, making it easy to send them personalized and targeted messages.

With Apteo, you can grow your repeat sales for free – it takes just a few minutes to connect, we don't install any code, and we won't slow down your store.

Ecommerce stores from every industry use Apteo to grow their customer lifetime value to:

  • Automatically segment and send personalized messages to your customers
  • Discover and identify key buying patterns from your customer data, helping you create better, more personalized marketing campaigns
  • Automate your email marketing with dynamic cross-sell and repeat purchase campaigns, saving you time and growing your sales

Smart Marketing At A Fraction Of The Cost

Agencies charge thousands of dollars to email your customers. With Apteo, you can segment all your customers automatically and send them personalized and targeted messages, all at a small fraction of the cost of what agencies provide.

Grow Customer Lifetime Value And Repeat Sales With Cross-Sale And Repeat Purchase Recommendations

With the new privacy changes from iOS and the death of 3rd party cookies, it's more important than ever to increase your customer lifetime value. With Apteo's cross-sell recommendations, you can identify which customers are most likely to buy a product, go dormant, or open your emails, letting you target them with the right message at the right time.

Deeply Understand And Analyze Your Customers

Your customers' behavior, previous purchase history, and previous interactions provide you with a huge treasure trove of data. We analyze it all for you, showing you exactly what drives your most valuable customers, what your customers have done in the past, and what they’ll do next.

Save Time And Create Hyper-Personalized Marketing Campaigns

With Apteo's dynamic cross-sell campaigns, you can set up a single, ongoing campaign to target any customers that become likely to buy a certain product. Or just set up a one-time campaign for a certain group of customers based on who they are or what products they'll purchase next. You just set your preferences for your campaign, let us optimize anything you don't care about, and we'll take care of the rest.

Get started for free by installing the app, only upgrade as your store grows.

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  • Automatic & custom segments, email & SMS integrations, all analytics
  • Sync & export up to 500 customers
  • Email up to 500 customers/mo.Auto



  • Automatic & custom segments, email & SMS integrations, all analytics
  • Sync & export up to 5,000 customers
  • Email up to 5,000 customers/mo.



  • Automatic & custom segments, email & SMS integrations, all analytics
  • Sync & export up to 50,000 customers
  • Email up to 50,000 customers/mo.



  • Automatic & custom segments, email & SMS integrations, all analytics
  • Sync & export up to 500,000 customers
  • Email up to 500,000 customers/mo.

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The Apteo platform gives us valuable insights into key value drivers like customer behavior, CLTV, customer journeys, product combinations that deliver greatest value and more. Plus, they roll out new features regularly and the team is incredibly easy to work with and responsive to questions.