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Aramex ‑ shipping app

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Ship with the largest logistics company in the middle east

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Domestic & International Shipping

Calculate your shipping rates based on Aramex packaging options as provided by Aramex.

All rates are real-time from the Aramex API to ensure the latest pricing for your customers.

Power up your e-store with the Aramex Shopify App

With Aramex’s Shopify App, you can now tap into the most extensive delivery network in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. With over 32 years in operations and 6 years of e-commerce fulfillment, Aramex can help you deliver your products to your customers wherever they are. And with our APIs and reporting tools, we take care of the fulfillment so you can focus on your customers.

Simple and Extensive

With the Aramex Shopify App, you are directly integrated with Aramex’s back-end systems including our pickup system, delivery network, and our rate calculator. In a few easy steps, you can power up your site to start receiving orders throughout the world.

Here are some of the things that you can do:

  1. Calculate Shipping Rates with our Rate Calculator You can calculate shipping rates quickly according to your Aramex rate sheet, and you can provide that info to your visitors.

  2. Schedule a Pickup When preparing a shipment, you can request an Aramex courier to collect one or more shipments for delivery to the consignee. The request is processed by our nearest Ground Operations Team, and the courier calls to confirm the pickup time. During pickup, Aramex courier scans the barcode on the shipment label and verifies the destination of each shipment.

  3. Create Shipment Create a shipment or empower your customers to create shipments on the go, and you get an air waybill number which your customers can use to track their shipments.

  4. Print label After you prepare a shipment, download the shipment label, print it, and then attach it to the shipment box. Then, you need to submit the shipments to an Aramex outlet.

  5. Track Shipment After you prepare a shipment (regular or return), the extension generates a unique air waybill (AWB) number. Use the AWB number to track the current shipment location and history in the extension. The consignee receives the AWB number by email and can use it to track the shipment at the Aramex website or in the Aramex Shopify App.

  6. Returns If the consignee decides to return the shipment, you need to prepare a return shipment. You can also request an Aramex courier to pick up the shipment form the consignee and deliver it back to your store.

Additional Features

  • To help with your returns, we let you do Reverse Pickup and from the same page you can print labels, track shipments, and schedule pickups.
  • Easy-to-use account details and storage of defaults.
  • A robust search engine that allows you to search orders by using order numbers.





1.4 评分


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The app isn't seamless. When an order comes in, you have to leave your order page and go to the App tab, click on Aramex app, go to the specific order you are working on and then again manually click & create labels (like inputting certain order details etc.). Then you have to go in separate tab to schedule for pickups etc.
Also, someone below mentioned this too, but you have to copy the Aramex tracking # before you submit for pickup, because it won't auto-populate that detail. This can lead to human errors, especially if you have multiple orders. Most importantly, if you were in the midst of creating a "label" for your new shipment and for whatever reason your page refreshes, then I'm sorry to tell you that your order VANISHES within the Aramex app. The order is still active in Shopify, but there's no way to retrieve that same order information in Aramex App, which means you can't create or print your shipping label.
The only solution is for you to contact the customer service for them to manually email you the label, which in my experience does not fit in the typical label print format. Also, if you do decide to use this app, be very cautious of your rate calculation and double check with the rate you've contracted with. Initially my rates were slightly skewed upwards, and had I not been proactively cross-checking, I would have been overcharged. There is extreme delay in delivery (reasons outside of pandemic) which the app/tracking system does not disclose with accuracy either.


App not working! Please sort out! When checking out, it is not calculating rates and shows an error.


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