Alternative, Related Products

Alternative, Related Products

von Evil Egg Software Limited

Convert Traffic Arriving On Discontinued or Archived Products

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Convert Traffic Via Old Items

Don't waste traffic coming to your old, discontinued or archived products! Offer a related product instead & convert more customers.

Better For Customers

Nothing feels worse than finding a product you want to buy & seeing that it's no longer available. Provide a better experience & convert!

Automatic Redirection

Optionally redirect customers after a specified time period. The customer will go to your related products automatically. Convert more

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Related Products

When you no longer sell what your customer is looking for, offer them a related product that's of interest to them, and capture that sale.

Alternative Products Made Easy!

Have a product you can't source for a long time? Don't remove the product from your store as so many merchants do. Use Alternative Products App and within seconds you can direct your customers to the related product you'd rather they purchased.

Don't Waste Traffic to Your Old Products

Every store eventually retires products. Some are simply no longer available, too difficult to source or cause you too many problems. In almost every case, a suitable alternative can be offered to customers, and you can turn that dead-end traffic into something that converts, whilst drastically improving the experience for your customers.

Ideal for Archived Products

Or out of stock items with uncertain restock dates, discontinued products, old products - it takes just 30 seconds to configure a related product.

Conversion Rate Optimisation - CRO

Don't let your old products drag down your conversion rate. With Alternative Products App you'll find the opposite happens with an increased conversion rate.

Zero Coding Experience Necessary!

No technical know-how is required to use Alternative Products App. Everything is managed from our easy-to-use admin. You don't even need to modify your theme in any way!

Fast & Simple to Set Up

Fast and easy, you'll have your related products configured and converting in just minutes!

Expert, Highly Responsive Support

You're in safe hands with Alternative Products App. Should you require assistance at any time, simply use the in-app support page to let us know you need help. One of our experienced team members will be happy to help.






  • Limited Related Products

  • Limited Custom Reasons for Related Products



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  • Unlimited Related Products

  • Unlimited Custom Reasons for Related Products

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5.0 von 5 Sternen

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Aktuellste Rezensionen

This is the ONLY app like this, at least as far as I can tell. I have a popular product that has become obsolete because of the coronavirus. This item brings a lot of traffic, and we won't have the product back in stock at any time in the foreseeable product. But we do have a great alternative item! What to do? This app fit the bill perfectly. We can now redirect this flow of traffic to a very suitable alternative.

Antwort des Entwicklers

12. September 2020

Thanks so much for providing your feedback - It’s great to hear how the app is solving this issue for you and your review really helps other stores to understand the benefits that this app sets out to provide.

Thanks again and I wish you all the best.

The Coffee Shopping Network

I just installed the app on our store to direct customers to items that were no longer in stock and/or discontinued. Had an issue at set up but the developer helped me right away and all i s good!

Antwort des Entwicklers

3. September 2020

Thanks for sharing your experience. It was a pleasure to assist you earlier and please do reach out again in future, should you have any queries at all. Thanks again.

Big Winds

Great app and even better support from the developer Mat. I found this app while looking for a way to archive old product listings without deleting them. Removing products from collections is only half the battle. This nice little app lets you direct the visitors who find you through outdated links to the products of your choosing. It's easy to use, reasonably quick to set up and should be very effective in terms of increased conversions from this traffic source. Thank you Mat! Great job filling the Shopify void.

Antwort des Entwicklers

31. August 2020

Thanks so much for your positive feedback - It's great to hear that the app solves this problem for you. Shortly after writing your review some additional features were released so be sure to check those out.

Please reach out if you need anything at all in future.

Thanks again.