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Bearbeitet am 31. Januar 2021

You have to manually specify URL to Amazon in order to get reviews. This is so 2000 late! Each product in my store has UPC, there plenty of services to match UPC with ASINS and from there you can easily scrape reviews from Amazon via simple http request and response using regular expressions. Why there manual work needed???? What if I have millions of products in the store, you are expecting me to specify URLs one by one? Not enough skills in programming to make it smart? LOL!!!

Youth Principles
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Areviews App hat geantwortet 31. Januar 2021

Hello, We contacted you back and told you about the drawback of your method, and we asked For ASIN number as you suggested but you said you don't have it, you have UPC instead and you can extract ASIN from it but you didn't know where it's stored on shopify as far as I know shopify doesn't store amazon UPC so we can get them Through Shopify API System and few customers Store ASIN

That's why we have our extension that help you to bulk import from
1- OBerlo
2- ShopMaster
3- Dropified

You can bulk import from these apps for 20 products in one click
But as we explain it's not practical for many to use ASIN for many reasons

21. Mai 2020

the free plan does show the country i want the app choise instead of you and most of the reviews are from ukrane or russia !!

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Areviews App hat geantwortet 21. Mai 2020

Sorry for inconvenience, but we have Countries filter, if you contacted us we could guide you to enable the option.

For the Reviews Location we only imports reviews from websites directly, we don't choose specific countries but most of buyers in Aliexress are from Russia and you can check that from aliexpress

24. November 2021

This app baits you into downloading it. In reality you are bullied by teh free plan into paying a higher price

Cupid Crystal
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Areviews App hat geantwortet 24. November 2021

Hello, Sorry for that, but the plans are clear on free plan you have some limits and that apply to all shopify apps in our app
1- you can import 6 reviews per product only on free plan
2- but you can have unlimited customer reviews
and that written before you download the app in plan description

We have features on free plan no other apps allow it for free users
therefor I hope you write about how we baited you