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Redigerat 27 februari 2024

This app helps with some reviews, but not on everything, however. It seems to mostly only work with products sourced from Modalyst (from what I use anyway for dropshipping). I have products in my store from Syncee, but it does not recognize any of them. When Syncee gets added, I'd increase the rating. Syncee is like Modalyst or the other dropshipping marketplaces. I sent you guys an e-mail inquiring about getting integration with Syncee 2 years ago after I first installed the app. Most of my products as mentioned are uploaded from Syncee instead of Modalyst.

MDNterprise Hideout
Mer än ett år användning av appen
Areviews App svarade 26 februari 2024

Sorry for the issue you have. we don't support Syncee website. Currently, we do support the following websites

1- Aliexpress
2- Amazon

You can import from Modylist for websites we support like Etsy or AliExpress you can't import from Marchant products as they have 0 reviews or unsupported websites like the one you mentioned
if you want new feature or website just add it in requests page you will see it in the menu as last option "Request feature"

all the website above were requested from this page just add it and the users will vote for it

adding new websites is very important to us please add new request, and you should see it in the near future.

13 november 2023

Hi , I am a dropshipper and i am using your app on my shopify store , i am not sure why the reviews shows to me in parallel blocks and not like other stores , please could you help
Store name :

Next-level Shop
Förenade Arabemiraten
2 månader användning av appen
Areviews App svarade 14 november 2023

You added the reviews section in a very small section, that what caused the issue
I fixed it please check your store now

Also please contact us on
we don't have your email to contact you back.

21 mars 2024

Não consigo editar os comentários

Futuro Tech
En dag användning av appen
Areviews App svarade 22 mars 2024

I'm sorry for that, but editing comments is against Shopify policy. All Shopify reviews apps removed the edit option to comply with Shopify policy

4 november 2023

como desativar a

4 månader användning av appen
Areviews App svarade 6 november 2023

You can disable the app from Importing filters at the top

Enable Reviews section option.

6 januari 2019

This app is amazing but I give 3 Stars only because all reviews I pull are hosted external and not on my shop, which means if app server struggles, my reviews on the page wont be displayed!!!! If the app owner closes the service, all reviews will be gone!!! I had now 3 times the case that reviews were not displayed and admin was also down( server unavailable).
Mer än ett år användning av appen
12 november 2019

This App down for a whole day in the last month, no review appears. No help with SEO, don't show review star rating on the search result.
Not able to export reviews.
We hope you can add Rich Snippets of star rating and export review in the future update.

5 månader användning av appen
Areviews App svarade 18 december 2019

Sorry for inconvenience we caused the issue was caused by our host due changes in php server since we moved to bigger server to server more customers and make the app loading faster. the app was down for 1-2 hours and we fixed it .This downtime was unavoidable but we will make sure not to have one anymore.

Redigerat 12 mars 2019

Your app description is a little misleading, First of all it says it automatically imports product reviews from Oberlo, Importify, Dropified, Aliexpress, expressfy, modalyst which not so. THE products reviews with your app looks like is only available to import product reviews from aliexpress and shein not the other app that you mentioning in your app description there's no oberlo or amazon or any other suppliers on you app other then aliexpress and shein. Second of all with your app the product reviews aren't imported automatically each product has to be done manually just so persons who use it are aware. you need to cut and paste every ALI EXPRESS PRODUCT very time consuming then filter fraudulent duplicate ALI Reviews

3 månader användning av appen
Areviews App svarade 12 mars 2019

We were sorry to hear about your experience. We didn't claim that the app import everything automatically, and automatically word is not in whole description. I suggested you to use the extension to import reviews from Oberlo, it will help you to import without having to search for the links, and you can import for 20 products in one click, to do that from the menu 1- click on integration then Oberlo Integration.

We don't support Suppliers since you can't reach their reviews, we wrote in the description "We Only Support Importing from Aliexpress,Amazon & Shien" & if you have issue with amazon please reply to the message we sent to you and we will sure fix it or make thing clear of how to use it.

Redigerat 27 juli 2020

This app has a lot of great functions. Customer service is also very quick and good. The only negative comments is that the user interface is not as efficient or intuitive as it could be so it can take a long time to get it exactly as you want it. However, once you've set it up, it's great. If they could fix the UI, I'd give it 5 stars.

Embark Pets
Ungefär en månad användning av appen
9 december 2022

O aplicativo é muito bom, porém, todos os dias tem algum problema.
Espero que resolvam, pois, gostaria de continuar com ele.

27 dagar användning av appen
Areviews App svarade 9 december 2022

Sorry for the incontinence but we only got one server issue on December 8 for short time and it might happen to any app, you didn't contact us regarding other issues, if you have any issue contact us through our email.

Redigerat 24 december 2018

Everything is perfect of this app. But I need assistance to install the script in my product page. Because there are some bug in the script. That doesn't work properly

Yuko Bazz
21 dagar användning av appen