Product Profit

Product Profit

door Argo Apps

Evaluate your Profits to Maximise Efficiency & Sales

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Fully Automated Service

Set it and forget it. We collect data automatically and send daily, weekly, and/or monthly reports via email so you can stay up-to-date.

Fully Customizable

Add date specific costs to products, payments or customize your own based on frequency, or for each product or order sold.

Variant Specific

Profit and Return of Investment data specific to each Product and Variant to accurately gauge the items to focus on to maximise returns.

Over Product Profit

Reveal Your Exact Profit Margins per Product and Maximise Efficiency & Sales.

Focus your time and effort on the products that work best for your business.

Comprehensive analysis for your store & per product:

  • Net & Gross Profit
  • Sales
  • Fees
  • Margins
  • Cost of Goods
  • Return of Investment
  • Refunds

Fully Automated Service

  1. Set it and forget it - one time setup.
  2. Only go back when you need to update costs.
  3. We automatically collect data and have it ready for you when you need.
  4. Sign up for daily, weekly, or monthly reports via email so you don't have to log in everyday to check.
  5. Export profit data to CSV.

Auto Exchange Rate

Automatically get dynamic currency conversion based on your default currency to provide you with total profit across all regions and currencies.

Fully Customizable Date Specific Costs

  1. Add Cost of Goods prices (average, per product, date specific)
  2. Custom Costs (one-off, weekly, monthly, per product, per order)
  3. Edit transaction costs for each payment gateway (PayPal, Stripe etc.) by percent and fee.
  4. Add date specific Costs

Without detailed product profit analytics for each product within your business, you may not be able to accurately determine which products are performing best and which are actually losing money.

Our Product Profit app gives you exact profit details by both product and variant to help you focus on maximising profits and minimising losses. Along with profits and margins (%), we also provide return of investment information so you can see your exact returns.

We have powerful software that automates this for you, including date-specific costs to track changes overtime to maximize accuracy.

Once the cost information is added, you only need to go back to update or add additional costs. You can also get regular updates via email.

We believe our Product Profit App is essential for any business to keep track of vital profit margins and returns to maximise gains and minimize losses.

Test it out now with a trial before committing.




Gratis te installeren

$0.03 per order capped at $3 (after trial ends) and $1 per month for extra back-data

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