FREE Traffic and Conversions

FREE Traffic and Conversions

by Argoperks

Traffic from other Stores through Gifts That Drive Sales

4.5 of 5 stars(41 reviews)

Get quality traffic for FREE

Create your Gift Card on the Argo Network. Get free impressions and clicks, 24/7, acquire new customers and grow your sales.

Boost your sales with free ads

Traffic from other stores is much more likely to convert compared to traffic that comes from other sources.

Simple gift management

No digital marketing experience is required. Create new gift card campaigns with a few clicks. Managing them is just as easy.

About FREE Traffic and Conversions

About FREE Traffic and Conversions by Argo

Argo is a free traffic exchange made for store owners like you. Attract more customers to your online store for FREE by displaying your gift cards in partner stores after check out.

In turn, partners may display their gift cards to your customers after they check out.

Argo helps eCommerce businesses bring in new customers that stores don't reach with traditional advertising. Argo Network generates up to 2X more traffic to your website in a matter of weeks.

Argo is trusted by more than 10,000 e-commerce stores worldwide!

Argo mimics a shopping mall or a neighborhood, where multiple stores benefit from being close to each other and sharing the same foot traffic without directly competing with each other.

Argo is a network of eCommerce stores. When you join Argo, you create your Argo Gift Card campaign and use it to acquire new customers and grow sales. All without any marketing skills.

With Argo you get:

  1. Free gift impressions (showings of your store to brand new customers)

  2. Free clicks, site visits, and conversions

  3. Simple, 3 step gift campaign management, straight from your Shopify dashboard

  4. User-friendly presentation of gifts, making it quick and easy for customers to choose and use them

  5. More value-added to each sale you make; every time a customer checks out from your store, she will receive a gift

3-Step Campaign Creation and Simple Management

Our Argo app dashboard is built right into Shopify and is simple to use, even if you've never run a marketing campaign before. Complete it in minutes, and get your campaign up and running, 24/7, driving new customer traffic to your site.

Control Over Your Store's Gift

Choose the gift card amount that makes sense for your store.

Not Another Pay-Per-Click Campaign or Pop Up Deal

With Argo, you get FREE impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Instead of offering a coupon or a deal through a popup, when you use Argo, you are joining a fast-growing eCommerce network, and gaining access to a brand new pool of customers who likely have never seen your store before.

Install now and use for FREE and put the Argo Network to work for you.

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Overall rating
4.5 of 5 stars
Based on 41 reviews

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Getting a lot of help with this app. Very useful and helpful. Thank you so much for the great custom support as well.

Friends of Tea

Just connected with the other stores via displaying gifts. I am loving the results and I hope this will stay like this.

Salon Store

Great experience with this app so far on the Gifts display. I am happy to continue further with other stores.