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Developed by Arqball

Price: Free – $199.95 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Create interactive 360 product photography
  • Let your customers see your product from all angles
  • Fast, easy, and beautiful way to increase engagement

If you’ve ever wanted an easy way to create a 360° interactive video to show off a new product, Arqspin has you covered. Visit arqspin.com to learn more!

How it works

Arqspin is a 360° photography solution that works right from your phone, tablet, or DSLR camera. Simply place your object on a turntable and use our free iOS app to capture, edit, and share an interactive 360° spin, or use your own camera and our online editor.

The Arqspin-Shopify App lets you connect spins from your arqspin.com account to your Shopify store with two clicks.

Why 360?

Large e-commerce retailers have been using 360° photography for years
to allow their customers to more completely experience products before
they purchase.

360° photography has also been shown to reduce returns and lower
customer service requests by helping customers educate themselves
before purchasing.

"... products with a 360-degree spin feature have conversion rate at least 10% higher and sometimes as much as 30-40% higher than products without it." -Internet Retailer Magazine

Why now?

Most equipment currently used to make 360° photography costs anywhere
from $2,000-$5,000. These complex proprietary systems are difficult to
setup and use. Studios that offer 360° photography services typically
charge anywhere from $150-$250 per product shot.

We leveraged our deep expertise in computer vision to create Arqspin,
a much simpler and more affordable way to make 360° photography. All
you need is a smartphone or video camera and a way to rotate the
object you want to spin (anything from a lazy susan to a motorized
turntable will work). Now, you can showcase your products like the
largest e-commerce merchants in the world.

Get started today for free at arqspin.com

Thanks for trying our app! We'd love to get your feedback. You can e-mail us at shopify@arqspin.com.

Arqspin reviews (2)


I saw Arqspin advertised and thought it would be a great addition to our new store. I purchased a turn table from Arqspin on Amazon and immediately signed up for a plan.

Their software worked wonderful with my DSLR & iPhone. In fact, it was so simple I had trouble believing I did it right.

The problem came when I ran into a compatibility issue with my Shopify theme & the Arqspin plugin. Knowing I'm running a commercial template with all the bells and whistles - I immediately contacted the support department for my template. They were completely useless and told me I would need to pay customization charges ($50 an hour) and it would go into hours of work. If I didn't, they wouldn't touch it.

I contacted Arqview desperate for help but yet knowing that it wasn't their plugins fault the problems I was having. They greeted me and immediately CC'd the ticket to their support department.

Less than 15 minutes later, I receive a response that they add a bit of code to one of my template files and it should be working fine now. I was amazed!

Folks, these people have an awesome product but more importantly a product that has top notch support.

Arqspin now has a client for life. I'm trying to figure out how to use their product for my other business now.

Thank you Arqspin! I look forward to working with you for a long time to come.


We make art inspired facial tissue dispensers - Wishue.com.

I recommend Arqspin to sellers looking to provide a fun and interactive way to display their products to buyers. It's easy to use and effective. Their support team is excellent. The turntable works great.

The best part is the results. The spins are seamless.

To create a spin... I capture a video on my android phone, load to computer, and then edit. Edit features are intuitive. Takes about 7-10 minutes to create a spin from the time of photography to the finished result. I choose to "embed" (copy and paste embed code) into the description.

Arqspin hosts all the spins for a reasonable fee. They provide and deliver a total interactive 360 spin image solution.

Thank you Arqspin,

Free – $199.95 / month
30 days



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