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December 20, 2022

Great app, product selection, and customization options. Unable to integrate AOW to Shopify. Keeps giving me this error - Details for this app might be incomplete or missing because the developer needs to update their information.

Handicraft for Bots & More
United States
Time spent using app: 2 months
August 6, 2022

Very disappointing so far. I was looking for a fabric supplier for my web page only to find that, oops thats the ONE product we don't integrate to Shopify! Is that why I could never find it after saving and being informed it was at my account? Is that still the understanding about your fabric at Shopify? Now I have found a much desired wrap skirt only to now not be able to find the designs of it I have saved. Please inform me where they went as searching with the word SAVE or HOW TO SAVE at help brings up ZERO. Images uploading failed most of the time if they were close to the limit, although still under. I was never able to KEEP more than 2 images at the design interface upload space and still upload another. Also, Printfull has a fully operational filing system for every uploaded image I have put there. Did I miss that place in your app? It is difficult to build respect for companies that don't treat my files as the most important thing there, Your cloth is naked without such. Find more respect in the way you treat artists at their copyrighted work. As for the interface so far, Just looking at the same things Shopify offers but with a lot less functionality at it is not terribly inspiring so far. It also feels like the design space offers about one/fifth of the functionality I find at Contrado or Printful space, those things vary and ones needs to be adaptable, but really, no mirror option? Am I right that there is no mirror or tile function in the design interface? At a Fabric Company? I have been unable to find any of the product I have created here so far, all I see are all of the products from my store listed, quite beautifully I might add, the only actions being available to that space are ignore, unsync, and delete from Shopify! No editing options but DELETE, really? Just introduced and your app can delete unrelated things at my Shopify store. Honestly why do you need that there? Granted it is a pretty interface that is nice for searching but there seems to be only the option of editing the product at Shopify one at a time. Believe me if you could build an interface that made up for the significant limitations at bulk editing at Shopify we would all adore you (especially seo and image labeling, or actually integrating shipping, rather than "free shipping" gimmick or etc. etc ; ) I will keep looking for the products I saved, and definitely don't mind being wrong about any of these points. Please point out where that is the case, as I am not wanting to quit interfacing. I really like that wrap skirt even if you can't fulfill fabric for a Shopify integration. (Please remember, me having to manually inform you of an order is not integration at Shopify, it's not like that is it?)
River Jade Smith @ River Jade Smithy, https://riverjadesmithy.com

River Jade Smithy
United States
Time spent using app: About 4 hours
July 5, 2021

If I could give a lower rating I would. Product was out of inventory and was supposed to ship in 4-5 weeks. Now that it's been 5 weeks I'm trying to follow up about the timeline for shipment. Put 2 inquiries into the portal with no reply. Im on hold right now to try and speak to someone. Ive been ON HOLD FOR 4 HOURS. Terribly service. Can someone PLEASE contact me???

Lilou Lifestyle Co.
Time spent using app: About 1 year
Edited January 7, 2021

DO NOT USE this app if you want to have happy customers and keep a good reputation. Shopify should remove this app, do some research before you use this company. I would give this app a minus zero if the option. Customer service is virtually non existent. You wait days for a response. One of my product is stuck in production since before Christmas and no updates. Finally got a response- excuse - that item didn't pass quality control (meaning they made an inadequate product) which this excuse is used for all items "stuck in production". A remake will not be ready until Jan 10th or who knows when. They refuse to refund and I wasted a lot of time and money integrating products with various platform including shopify. I have to deal with refunds and very unhappy customers thanks tho this completely inadequate company. This was the second time I gave them a try and experience is even worse. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY! WORST PRINT ON DEMAND COMPANY I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS! Art of Where replied below but but here are the facts. I do appreciate quality control, but that does not matter much if I don't get updated and my customer does not receive the item and cancels. An update from Art of Where would have enabled me to communicate with the buyer and at least try to keep a happy and repeat customer. The order for this item in question, which is also sold in my shopify store, was placed on 12-17-2020 and still this order was "in production" on 1-6-2021. That is not 10 days. The fist reply was within two days after I inquired and I was told the item will ship on 12-31-2020. The second reply to another one of my emails took 4 days to get a reply and I was told the item will ship on 1-1-2021. This is not acceptable particularly without communication. There is no communication unless you initiate, no updates unless you initiate, and then there is an excuse as you see below without every even contacting me to maybe resolve this. It seems this company does not care about dissatisfied customers and only replied here because I decided to share my experience and this is visible to shopify show owners. I didn't even expect a refund as I read from other review that this company does not give refunds. So thank you for doing that in my case Art of Where. Very sad so see this lack of concern as I would have loved to give this company a second chance.

Cowboy Casuals
United States
Time spent using app: 27 days
Art of Where replied January 6, 2021

As pioneers in the dropshipping world (we started with leggings almost 8 years ago!), we know that starting a store is a very personal thing. A less-than-ideal first experience can be upsetting. We care about quality, we care deeply about the businesses we support, and if a situation occurs like a product that gets stuck, we certainly take all necessary steps to remedy it as quickly as possible.

For this situation in particular, it was an order via an Etsy integration, not Shopify. The item required a reprint which is the normal course of action when we find a print flaw or sewing flaw. We know how important it is to ship a well made final product, especially since we are representing an artist. The item ended up being in production for 11 days (business days, excludes weekends and holidays), which is longer than normal for this product. Emails from the customer were all responded to within 2 business days and when they asked for a refund, we agreed immediately with them and gave the refund.

Our production staff works very closely with our customer care staff so we can learn from every situation, just like we will from this one!

September 8, 2020

BEWARE ART OF WHERE - THINK VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS DREADFUL COMPANY! I wish I could give a zero rating, I don't even want to give it 1 star.

Customer services is HORRIBLE - emails go unanswered for WEEKS. If you are lucky enough to get a reply it's weeks later and they don't even bother to answer all your questions (and you will have a LOT of questions because their website has nouseful info or tutorials and the "design lab" is a joke).

The mockups are UGLY and the images generated are tiny with a grey background. I've wasted 3 months trying to get set up with this company because I'm forever waiting on customer service to reply to my questions. I set up an Etsy store as well and the integration just didn't work, what a waste of listing fees.

The Shopify app integration stopped working too and it took a long time for them to fix. Art of Where please get your act together and stop taking orders until you get your customer service sorted out. Do you really think it's acceptable to run your business this way? To takes weeks to reply to simple questions?

Shopify should ban you until you get your act together. Such a waste of my time and I was relieved to delete this app for good. Please also read other reviews about this app - many other people have the same issues as me too.

Kitten Louise
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 2 months
Art of Where replied September 22, 2020

Hi Kitten,
We do appreciate all the feedback about these issues. We do also apologize for any delays with our emails during the last few months, we did see a much larger number of emails than normal and we are now back at our regular response times.

As for the integration issues, we try to fix these as soon as they come up and the team is always checking each system to make sure there are no forgotten problems. The issues are typically specific to one customer and the way they setup their store so our customer service tries to help as much as they can and then forward it to the developer team if they can't help any further.

We are currently working on adding new guides on how to use each integration as well as other guides about different areas of our site in the coming months. We hope this will help with any issues future customers may have.

We're sorry you had a bad experience with us and I will hope you will consider us again in the future. We will do our best to help you with your integrations if you do.

August 22, 2020

Terrible service so far. No longer picking up phones. Not responding to emails. No ETAs on DTG products. The first orders from what I'm hearing are completely messed up. I've sent multiple emails but cannot reach them to straighten this out. It looks like I may have made a mistake but time will tell.

Art of Where, please get your act straight or stop taking orders until you do.

Corvette Clothing Store by CCF
Time spent using app: Almost 3 years
Art of Where replied September 22, 2020

Hi Corvette,
We do apologize for any delays with our emails during the last few months, we did see a much larger number of emails than normal and we are now back at our regular response times.

We do see in our system the issues with your order and we have sent you an email with updates. However we have not heard back from you.

We will be happy to help you with your orders if you reach out to us again.

July 17, 2020

* Not had a single order without issues. Covid is being used as a crutch for extremely bad customer service. No phone, robotic half answered questions. The only thing that goes fast and smooth is your payment to them.

*I have orders that have been "in production" for over 30 days. Still waiting.

*Takes forever to hear from customer service and then its a half answer avoiding the question all together. Not just once but over and over again.

*Spent a lot of time designing and incorporating with site. Then without notice items vanished from the site when they decided to discontinue. NO NOTICE. Don't use them for any of the art prints - canvas, acrylic, print, wood

* Masks are 6 weeks and waiting stil

Ada Madison
United States
Time spent using app: 2 months
Art of Where replied September 22, 2020

Hi Ada,
We do apologize for the changes to our items list. These changes were made during the shut down due to COVID-19 and our suppliers. It made it impossible for us to continue to carry those products. As soon as a change was made we did send out a newsletter letting everyone know about the change.
We do also apologize for any delays with our emails during the last few months, we did see a much larger number of emails than normal and we are now back at our regular response times.
As for our production times it did take a while to catch up due to COVID-19 and all the measures that had to be put in place. However almost all of our items are now back to the normal pre covid production times and we have an updated list of all those times here https://artofwhere.com/info/production-and-shipping

Please reach out to us if you have any questions. I hope you will consider us again.

April 17, 2019

***Danger - Use at your own risk.***

This app cost me everything! It accesses and shows products from other Shopify applications unrelated to AOW. DO NOT remove them from this AOW app or it also deletes other applications merchandise from your Shopify store.

I don’t know why they need to see or access my other app products, but they area all gone now. I lost 1 years work. A years/5k+ in adverting investment. 350+ products gone form my store. Each was my own print on demand design with specifically written SEO optimized descriptions, extra mockups created 1 at a time. All is gone. I put all I had into this shop for a year. I am an older lady and this was my only income. It’s all gone.

To be clear, Shopify Tech ran a test with their own mock store and got the same tragic result. This is on AOW!

Cool products and eco attitude, but absolutely not worth it. Again, use at your own peril.

The Bandana Blanket Company
United States
Time spent using app: 22 days
Art of Where replied May 28, 2019

Thank you for your review. In our dashboard you will see all products that are in your Shopify store, whether or not they are from Art of Where. The reason for this is that customers may have created listings for AOW products in Shopify, and they would like to connect them to the AOW product in the dashboard so that orders can come through automatically for those products. The actions you can apply to an item in your dashboard are 1) View on Shopify, 2) Ignore product and 3) Delete from Shopify. If you select Delete from Shopify, the product will be deleted from Shopify. You will no longer see the item on Shopify as you have removed it. We hope this clarifies what actions you can take in our dashboard. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at info@artofwhere.com

March 23, 2019

There should be certain apps to be banned from Shopify, Art of Where is one of them.

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 22 minutes
May 16, 2018


Before you download this and start setting up with them, I suggest you look elsewhere.

There are many issues with this app, but the main one is Gail, the ONLY support person to talk to, she also doesnt care about your issues with their app. They don't seem to care about customer support at all in-fact.

Their design lab is NOT a design lab. The whole thing needs to be redone. There is no design in their lab at all, all it does is puts your design you already made in PS onto a tshirt template which you then just move it around to position it. You cant do anything to your designs at all, you have to then exit it, reedit your design then re upload it then wait for the app to render that new edit onto their very pixelated and low quality image mockup.

The mockup images it creates and imports to your store are very low quality.
The images are all stuck onto a grey background (Not white) There is no way to export the images as transparent background, all you can do is upload your own backgrounds or use their own 90's styled backgrounds.

The products are quite expensive and leaves no room to make a profit.

When importing into shopify, you cannot choose where the products go, you cant change their price, product type etc.. It imports the proudtcs with their own specifications, vendor, product type, price variants etc

The imported products are all active already when pushed to the store. So you edit them to fix their price, variants (because AOW create their own variants of your shirt without telling you and pushing those to your store too!

Overall Very horrible experience and will never be trying these guys again.

All the work put in to this app, only for Gail to be rude and not care that their app is causing a lot of problems.

I hope this review saves someone else time I wasted.

Emer Jones Apparel
Time spent using app: 12 months