Art of Where ‑ Print on demand

Art of Where ‑ Print on demand

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Drop ship printed products on demand. Leggings, scarves & more

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Streamlined Drop Shipping

Save time with automatic fulfillment. Your customers receive their orders quickly without you lifting a finger. Keep fulfillment simple.

Branded products and packaging

Your brand is everything. Custom labels, artist cards, and stickers personalize your orders and build your brand one product at a time.

Design a product in minutes

Use our free 3D Design Labs and Photo Lab to create store-ready mock-ups in a few clicks. Release a new line without spending a dime!

关于 Art of Where ‑ Print on demand

Everything you need to create and sell printed products for your art based business.

Artists/business owners/entrepreneurs split their time between being creative and managing their growing empire. Art of Where makes it easy to build and maintain a creative business stocked with printed products. Here's how:

  1. Listing ready mock-ups. Our Design Lab models are realistic accurate representations of your printed products and are ready to post to your online store.

  2. No Fees ever! Purchase from us only when you make sales. Accounts are free and there's no limit to how many products you can create.

  3. Products to be proud of. We don't release a product unless we are 100% happy with it. We want every product we make to be worthy of your artwork.

  4. No inventory! Order from us as you make sales and you'll never be left with overstocked products. Drop shiping is risk-free.

  5. Set your own prices. You know your following so setting your own prices is supremely important. Decide your profit margins and what your artwork demands.

  6. Automatic fulfillment forever. We see your Shopify orders as soon as a product sells in your store. Keep a credit card on file with us and we'll process your orders automatically. Or if you prefer to manually submit them, we'll email you to let you know you have a pending order for fulfillment. We update your orders on Shopify once they ship so your customer is up-to-date without you ever lifting a finger.

  7. Worldwide shipping. We ship from Canada & the US so your customers get their orders quickly with no extra fees.

2 Way Integration

A 2 way integration means you can connect products already in your Shopify store to products on Art of Where for fulfillment. Or, if you're creating a new product line, you can create a product on Art of Where and send it to Shopify. We'll even fill in the listing info for you.

Fashioning Art! Handmade printed products

Fully customizable printed products made with the latest cut-and-sew technology and highest quality raw ingredients including:

  1. Classic & Yoga Leggings and Capris

  2. Scarves in satin charmeuse, chiffon, or matte crepe

  3. Hand-bound notebooks composed of the finest quality writing and art papers

  4. Yoga wear including crop tops, shorts, mini shorts, and leggings. Create a yoga line by mixing and matching separates.

  5. Kimonos in various styles and fabrics

  6. Accessories including pencil cases and headbands

  7. Pillow cases in velveteen or modern canvas

  8. Day Totes and origami totes

  9. Fine art and digital paper prints

  10. Prints on wood, canvas, acrylic

  11. Device cases for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

Art of Where pursues product excellence constantly. We aim to forever develop innovative products and services for artists. Building artistic businesses is what we do!




App is free! Pay only for drop shipped products as you receive orders.

3.5 评分

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Put A Boog On It

I really want to love AOW, becasue they offer some great alternative fabrics and products, which seem to be well made, however the service is very slow, and I've tried them out a few times, years before this 'virus' and it was the same then, so I really don't think the virus has had much impact on the lack of response times, manufacturing times or lack of templates etc. In the past it was always very slow and when things get reprinted there is no communication so you are just left to wonder and your customer has to just keep waiting. My main bugbear at the mo is the lack of templates, I recently made some duvet covers and used the file size they gave, no probs, then went to make the matching pillow cases and the file sizes they give don't match the item - I wasted a lot of time in trying to figure it out, contacted AOW and still not heard back from them.... still waiting I had to manually do a screen shot of the pillow case design area, put it into photoshop, blow it up and then crop my design to fit, not ideal and hard to ensure the placing of the design is correct. Most other POD's provide a template and if they don't and just give a file size like AOW then the size they give fits the item, I am unclear as to why AOW pillow cases give the wrong size entirely but it doesn't come across as very professional, combine that with the very slow making time and I'm unsure now if I can even use them as a supplier, which is such a shame, I really wanted to offer the cotton duvets and pillow cases! It's probably been 4-5 years since I first used them and at the time I felt like they should just get more staff to cope with the demand and add templates but here we are all these years later and still no templates and a very slow production time with zero detail about the order It's fine if your happy to wait for items to sell yourself but it's not ideal as a drop ship model becasue you will have to keep relaying to your own customer why they are having to wait so long, if you don't know the answer then what do you say? If AOW don't respond to emails for support and help within a day or so I would suggest more staff to improve that rather than expecting people to wait days and days and be happy about that, it doesn't really instill the trust we need for your company to be able to sell on our behalfs

Just Ravens

So far I have been selling their silk scarves and tea towels. I am completely delighted with the printing and product quality, production times, fair shipping prices and nice packaging. I use a few different providers for different items, but Art of Where is definitely my favourite drop shipper. Many of the items are more expensive than the competitors, but the quality matches the price. My customers need to be wowed, and Art of Where wows them.

F For Flying

I like most of the products, the quality is great! I love that it is Canadian, and you have plenty of options for artists so you can have all from the same company
Expensive shirts, and we have to manually integrate the products...
I still have a glitch for paiement.
I wish it could be more automated!